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Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and Justify valid conclusions. DO. Take responsibility for the management and organization of activities DO. Demonstrate convergent/lateral/ creative thinking. This assignment brief contains of the following tasks: Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 and Tasks Page 4 of 12 Scenario On any given day, two billion people use Milliner products to look good, feel good and get more out of life.

Since Milliner was established in the ass’s, brands with a social mission have been at the core of their business, and now corporate responsibility underpins their strategy.In 2010 they launched the Milliner Sustainable Living Plan – a set of targets designed to help them deliver their objective of growing their business while minimizing their impact on the environment. To embed sustainability into every stage of the life cycle of their products, they are working with their suppliers to support responsible approaches to agriculture. They are also learning from Nags and other organizations, recognizing that building a truly sustainable business is not something they can do without expert advice.Discuss the impact that changes in the labor market have had on flexible working practices. Suggest a suitable HARM Model for Milliner Group of companies and Justify it. UP UP UP UP MI, Del Task 3 (covering assessment criteria UP, UP, POI, MM, DO, DO) 3. 1 3.

2 3. 3 Expiate the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace with suitable examples and how one can minimize it. Discuss the practical implications of equal opportunities legislation for Milliner organization with suitable examples and how Milliner Management is committed to this policy.Research to collect information and Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity. UP,MM UP,DO DO, POI Task 4 (covering assessment criteria Pl 1, POP, POP, POP) 4.

1 4. 2 4. 3 4. 4 Compare different methods of performance management companies use. Assess the approaches to the practice of managing employee welfare in Milliner by Research. Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices. Evaluate the impact of one topical issue (e.

G. , e-Recruitment) on human resources practices at Milliner.PI POP POP POP Where descriptors tort Merit and Distinction nave been included , these are only indicators as to where it is possible to provide information to cover that particular descriptor. However, in the holistic nature of an assignment, these descriptors can be identified throughout the submission and clearly marked as the same by the candidate/assessor Page 6 of 12 Submission procedures 0 Learners must submit a hard copy of the full assignment to the college/campus office no later than PM on the submission date with suitable binding in addition to the softly and a turn-it-in report.Learners must submit their softly of the assignment (including Powering presentation slides speaker notes if applicable) to academic department of their centre 0 A maximum 20% plagiarism or similarity will be tolerated from learners who have checked their assignments with turn-it-in software. Before submission learners must make sure that they have signed on the authentication statement to declare him/her as the original author of the submitted assignment. After submission, learners are advised to get a receipt from the college/ campus office for evidence. Without a valid reason (such as serious illness, getting kick or death of close relative), no late submission will be tolerated by the college.

For extension of submission deadline or acceptance of late submission, learners must contact college/campus office and submit evidence such as medical certificate/note and photocopy of death certificate in advanced for getting approval. 0 Please note that tutors/lecturers do not have the authority to alter or extend the assignment deadline or receive the assignment directly from learners.After submission learners will get feedback from the assessors/markers with pass, merit, distinction, refer or fail outcomes. It normally takes three weeks from the submission but it depends on the assessors/markers and college authority. If any learner gets refer, his/her coursework will be returned with feedback. After that the learner will get two weeks time to resubmit it.

0 There is no stipulated length for the amount of words but the word count should not exceed 4000 words for all tasks given.All work must be delivered in hard copy and soft copy to the college/campus office and for your own security, it is important to keep both copies for yourself. All assignments should be properly referenced with Harvard Referencing System. Page 7 of 12 Assignment Notes Learners are requested to comply with the following instructions on handing in their assignment work: 0 Each learner must put their name, ID, unit name and page number as footer (e.

G. , Aaron Jackson/RM1234567/Business Environment..

….. /page) 0 0 0 Work should be comprehensively referenced Sources must be acknowledged fully by reference books, Journals used and URL visited Include the Harvard Retargeting System (see attached) All word should be word-processed, font size of 12 and font style of Times New Roman or Arial. Subtitles of the assignment should be in the font size of 14 0 0 0 0 Pages household be numbered in bottom right hand corner Spell check the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors 1 .

5-line spacing is preferable Bibliography at the end of the assignment All paragraphs should be aligned in Justified mode.Plagiarism and collusion 0 Any act of plagiarism and collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the regulations. In this context the definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below: 0 ?Using the work of others without acknowledging source of information or inspiration. Even if the words are changed or sentences are put in different order, the result is still plagiarism] (Cornell 2003).

Collusion describes as the submission of work produced in collaboration for an assignment based on the assessment of individual work.


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