Dog sledding in Aspen, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole Essay

Dog sledding in Aspen, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole

You don’t have to head above the Arctic Circle to hire a
dogsled: three outfitters near Western ski resorts let you travel just
as Jack London described in Call of the Wild. You glide at about 4
miles per hour, the driver commanding the dogs to hike it up (go
forward), gee (turn right), haw (left), or whoa.

The wood-and-rawhide sleds hold two adults and perhaps one child,
depending on size of sled and number of dogs. Season lasts until April
15; it’s wise to reserve at least a week in advance.

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Aspen, Colorado. At Krabloonik Kennels, a 14-mile ride takes you
through aspen forests and into White River National Forest. Cost of $70
per person includes lunch in a log cabin restaurant. Rides begin at 9
and 1:30 daily and last about 3 1/2 hours. For reservations and road
directions, call (303) 923-4342.

Sun Valley, Idaho. Cameron Daggett offers one ride a day along
Baker Creek in the foothills of the Boulder Mountains. You can sit
behind his team of six Alaskan malamutes or drive them yourself while he
skis alongside. Cost per ride is $60 for a half-day trip (bring your
own lunch), $120 all day (lunch included). For reservations and pickup,
call (208) 726-4024.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Nanook Tours. Ride into Grand Teton
National Park along frozen Jenny Lake, through a spruce forest, and up
to Signal Mountain for lunch with a view. Siberian huskies pull the
sleds (you might get to drive). Trips run from 10 to 4; moonlight or
hot springs tours also available. Cost: $95 per person, less for
children. To reserve, call (307) 733-4821.

Photo: Malamutes pull oak-and-rawhide sled past leafless aspens
near Sun Valley


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