domestic violence

WAYSTO AMELIORATING DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMENINTRODUCTIONTheUnited Nation defines violence against women as any act of gender basedviolence that results in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, or mentalharm or suffering to women including threat of such acts, coercion or arbitrarydeprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life.Ameliorating domestic violence against women us going to the collaboration ofeveryone, starting from the individual level, to the community, the religioussetting and the government everyone has a role to play to solve this problem. .

STEPSTO BE TAKEN TO AMELIORATE DOMESTIC VIOLENCEAlthoughthere is no clear cut solution to ameliorate domestic violence against women inNigeria below are some ways it can be reduce:Sensitizationat the individual levelRecognizeyour situation: individual who are facing domestic violence should admit to themselvesthat they are being abused and are in abusive relationship or marriage. Some womendon’t even accept that they are in an abusive relationship, they feel whentheir husband abuses that it’s their fault and they must have done somethingwrong to deserve it. So it is very necessary victims to accept that they are inan abusive relationship. Victims to be made aware to know the signs of whenthey are in an abusive relationshipBreakthe silence and speak up:  women who arein an abusive relationship should learn to speak up and not keep quiet andcontinue until they probably lose the life. Its only when victims are able tospeak up that they can be helped.

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When the society does not know that you aregoing through domestic violence they cannot help you. They need to be sensitizethat they are laws that protects them against domestic violence.Sensitizationat the community levelThesociety domestic violence is not right or acceptable under any circumstance. Wealso need change the way viewed marriage the woman is always to balme for thevfailure or the suucee of am marriage and so much pressure is place on her toensure the success of her marriage that even when she is being abused in hermarriage she does not want to leave or speak out so as to avoid stigmatization.Most men knowing that their wives would not want to leave the marriage so to beterm a failure will use the opportunity to continue to abuse the woman. A manshould not encourage that he is allowed to beat up his wife if she doessomething wrong.

We should understand that ‘it takes two to tango’ especiallyin marriage.Sensitizationat the Religious level“Manyview divorcees with contempt, in religious circles, some believe that divorceeswill not make heaven and should not aspire to any office in society or inreligious settings, the circumstances of the divorce notwithstanding.” Christianshould be made to understand domestic violence is anti-scriptural becauseChrist model for family is  love for oneanother and love can never be displayed through domestic violence. We shouldnot wait until people lose their lives before we take action. A Christianshould be able to seek away from a marriage where there is threat of life Role of the Government to help curb domesticviolenceImplementationof laws against domestic violence: On May 25th 2015 the Violence against Persons(Prohibition) act was signed into law to help curb violence. The police need tobe proper trained to handle case of domestic violence. They should find way ofempowering women to be economically independent.

Firm punishment should begiven to domestic violence offenders. There is need for institutional or organizationalsupport to help women of domestic violenceRoleof health promoters to help curb domestic violenceHealthpromoters need to create more awareness on the evil of domestic violence on howit affects not only the woman but the children and even the society at large. Alsomore research needs to be carried out the causes of domestic in the society soas understand and find better ways to stop domestic violence. As health promotersour focus is on preventive measures and I feel we should focus more on findingout to prevent domestic violence from occurring at all.   WAYS OF ASSISTING VICTIMS OFVIOLENCECounselingCounselingshould be provided for victims of domestic violence to help them heal psychologicallyand emotionally.

In the case of Dr Perputual ,Mbanefo she found out despitetrying over and over again on her parents orders to make her marriage work, thepsychological impact of the abuse meant that could no longer any king ofintimacy with husband. Victims need help to be able to overcome thepsychological impact of being abused.  Creationof support group systemThereis need to create support group system to help victims of domestic violence. Thiscan go a longer way to victims when they know they have people who can supportthem and they are not in this world even when their families sometimes choosenot to support them.

Just like the case of Mbanefo she did not have the supportof her family but she was able to Hope house a small shelter for domesticviolence. We need more across the whole of Nigeria to help more victims ofdomestic violence.Helpvictims to be economically independent.

Victimswho are not economically independent can be introduced into skills acquisitionprogram such as tailoring, bead making, bag making, decoration, baking andothers to help them acquire skills that will help them to economicallyindependent. Soft loans can also be provided for them by the government to helpthem start up their business. This is important because most victims ofdomestic violence have no source income that why they remain in abusivemarriages.Donot criticize them Weshould not criticize victim of domestic violence by telling them didn’t you seethe warning signs. We should show care to them and understand that people whohave been experiencing domestic violence have often been manipulated, brokendown, berated and have their self-esteem crushed. They need to be shown loveand care and know they are not blame.



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