Dominant Ideology and American Essay

Sociology- Discussion 1 Dominant ideology is defined as the values, beliefs, and morals shared by the majority of the people in a given society. In the United States it’s so hard to narrow down who the “majority” is, the country has changed over time as we have undergone so many economically and social changes. To really understand how controversial the dominant ideology is in the United States, I think it’s best shown by comparing current day norms to that of say, the 1950’s. In 1950’s it seems to me that a wife staying home and taking care of the children while the father worked was more of a normal situation.Today we see both mothers and fathers working full time jobs and taking care of children in a more shared role. In the 50’s it was almost unheard of for someone to openly admit to being homosexual, and today one of the most talked about issues is allowing homosexuals to marry. There are so many example of how times have changed and there has been a shift in the “norm”. One huge example that I think should be noted it how socially accepted divorce has become in the United States, becoming almost more common than uncommon with nearly half of first marriages ending in divorce.

It’s almost normal to see these issues on television, in books, and songs. We have athletes and servicemen and women opening admitting their sexuality, and we have presidents admitting to extramarital affairs. In a way it’s become almost normal to be controversial. In conclusion I just want to add that the majority is such a fine line in this country that just because these issues are so prevalent in our everyday lives doesn’t mean it’s accepted by everyone. Although the majority of people classify themselves as conservatives, we are still a very diverse nation which make the “idea” of dominant ideology obsolete. 3


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