Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer Sample Essay

Describes a major struggle within Apple Computer in 1985 over control of merchandise distribution. The laminitis and president. Steve Jobs. proposed a new distribution procedure which would reassign many duties off from distribution director. Donna Dubinsky. Dubinsky believed. nevertheless. that this procedure would be practically and financially impracticable. Presents her defensive and unsuccessful struggle direction. culminating in her threatened surrender.

This instance deals with the receivers of alteration. that is the people who are affected by alteration direction and how they cope with alteration attempts.

Lewin Change theoretical account Unfreeze – demand for alteration

Action Research Model Problem Definition. audience. informations assemblage

Magnitude of alteration – important

Motivating the alteration. Making preparedness and get the better ofing opposition. Dubinsky did non see so necessitate for dramatic alteration advancement was being made.

Stimulating committedness grounds and vision where non shared. The administration and Donna were non sensitised to the force per unit areas for alteration. There was no or inappropriate engagement and engagement.

Political support. ultimate power was used by Jobbs. Dubinsky did non influence stakeholders

Dubinsky beginning of power with her support. cognition. personality ( Griener and V. Schein )

Employee engagement. Initial authorization. High motive and liberty

Change was non planned? Small mark of an emergent theoretical account non a learning administration more power battle.

Nadler Congruence Model – systems attack. alteration was due to environmental alteration but there was no planning transmutation processes or end products. Was non change as such but thought or proposal?

Nadler jobs of alteration key

Resistance – no motive

Control – passage non considered

Power – political kineticss non back uping



Leadership manners

Conflict – no 3rd portion intercession

Cyclic theoretical account of interpersonal conlict ( Walton ) – issues behaviour effects

Conflicting direction manner

Leadership grid Blake & A ; Mouton

Dubinsky high respect for people – Team direction

Jobbs high concern for production? Authority conformity?

Clash of civilization?

Valuess approach – Denison and Spreitzer

Internal external focal point

Central decentralised

( group to hierarchical ) ? ?

Quinn viing values –

Apple values

Indivdual public presentation

Team jet – unfastened

Good direction -trust the motivations and unity of supervisors. make a productive environment? ? ? non for Dubinsky


Hierarchy against market/adhocracy

Contextual attack Dawson

Context – political relations. concern and struggle Apple/Mac

Content – important

Process – none

Karl Rodgers

Understand subjective world of others

Respect. geninueness empathy? ? ? ? ?

Story line Subjects

Garth Morgan

Walsh /Bridges


Donna Dubinsky

Very successful until so. Not questioned before

Narrow minded? non proactively raising thoughts

Shock. defense mechanism. ( acknowledge. adapt )

Bill Campbell VP US Gross saless

Why did Weaver study to him. How interested was he? Gross saless biased. non cost?

Embarrassed by Weaver/Dubinsky oppugning authority/defensiveness

Roy Weaver VP distribution & A ; support

Limited support undermined. / demoted

Debi Coleman Man Director

Extra power. direct relationship with Jobs. ambitious confident

John Sculley CEO

Apple and Mac contension! Undermined by Jobs double function?

Steve Jobs

Duel roles Chairman & A ; GM for MAC


Right to inquiry position quo. right to see JIT and request proposal

Change in focal point to distribution cost why? Motives non communicated.

IBM competition? Mac gross revenues down.

Taskforce via media

Still inquiries Dubinsky’s openness and determination devising ability

What is the best proposal for Apple


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