Dont get me started on Buses because they are awful Essay

Buses! Don’t get me started on them because they are awful. I am a little freaked out with buses. The reason for this is they allow themselves to do whatever they like. I might be a little over the top but they just drive me around the bend. Don’t you agree with me?

I think everyone would agree with me that the local government should do something about those unreliable bus services. Here is the reason why I, and possible a lot of other people despise buses. So there you are waiting at a bus stop in the cold and it’s raining and you know exactly that you’re on time, waiting to be rescued from this terrible cold weather, but wait! You look at when your bus is coming; it says 7:55 am. So you say oh well only 5 minutes late. 10 minutes later you look at your watch, it says 8:10am but there is no sign of a bus.

Obviously you will be standing there looking straight ahead, looking at the direction it normally comes from, you think it is around the corner. Meanwhile you still stand there, looking at your watch, it is 8:20 but the bus is still not here. As every other human being you start to get impatient especially as your standing in the cold and don’t forget it’s raining.

You look at your watch and it is nearly 8:25 but the bus is still not here! Then you check when the next bus will normally arrive, then the next thing you see is your bus finally arriving but in pairs. So as usual when your bus arrives ‘super galactic’ late, they then usual arrive in pairs, now isn’t that hilarious? Also some are not in service and some just drive past you like you were never there.

Ok, now you get on the bus, then you got to deal with the bus drivers’ tacky attitude whilst paying for your bus fare and now you look around for a seat to sit on. But the thing is there are a lot of thrash such as an empty glass bottle rolling from one end of the bus to another or dark chewing gum stain on them seats.

This is another thing that I despise buses for, is the immature, silly and childish teenagers, which get on the bus for free and abuse the bus. They are always chewing gum, which end up on the seat or floor of the bus. Also the food and drink that they bring on the buses they drop half of it on the floor, which give the buses the smell of rotten old food. The company that make the buses should use some of their profit to clean the buses on a regular base. Would you like to drive a car with chewing gum on the seat and a smell of stale food?


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