Don’t get me started on Take Me Out Essay

No likey! No lighty! Are the few most annoying words to pierce my ear drums on a Saturday evening. Guessed what I’m talking about yet? Correct, ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’. Evening television in the UK is already deteriorating dramatically, though we have now officially hit rock bottom. This show is nearly as full of fake tan and big hair as ‘The only way is Essex’, though it’s slightly odd how the producers decided to send the couples, to a make believe island: The Island of Fernado.

The 30 girls who appear every week on the show, reek with desperation that the next contestant may chose them. Although a few of them have been standing there every Saturday for over 12 weeks now; isn’t that pathetic? I also refuse to believe that host, Paddy McGuinness’s, chat-up-lines keep even a single person amused; as he is as funny as a toothache. All in all the show is as tarty as a Mr. Kipling’s fines, though not as sweet.

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In my opinion a babbling bundle of baboons is more articulate than the women who take part; so then wouldn’t Jordan and Amy Childs be the perfect contestants? In theory yes, though maybe they are just too incomprehensible. Now it’s obvious that this show is defiantly not, full of good role models but a small collection of Barbie dolls. So then why is it so popular? Maybe it makes people feel good about the fact that their IQ is at least in double digits, or that they don’t have to sell themselves to get a date. Though to be honest after a week at work, some mind-numbing drivel helps people relax as it does not need to involve thinking.

Watching this show makes last decades ‘Blind Date’ seem a worthy opponent for ‘Mastermind’. Apart from the fact the Island of Fernando doesn’t even exist; there is never even second date. The couples sit there for an hour or two, picking at their seafood platter having nothing to say to each other. Maybe this is a lesson in life that it’s advised to know the person you are dating, before going on a romantic holiday with them. It is obvious that these dates are based only on first appearances as their personalities, 90% of the time, are complete opposites.

What is even sadder though, is the fact that when the show is finished ‘Take me out: The Gossip’ appears on our screens; where for the next 45 minutes the contestants will discuss what went wrong about their date and why they will never see each other again. Either show, definitely cannot even be considered as ALDI’s finest. Basically the show is nothing more than an embracement. The competition is full of ego’s that are bigger than the person’s dignity, as no one would want to be recognized on the street as ‘The one form Take me Out’.

Even though this is traditional ITV trash, how does our society get away with having such shows on our telly’s on a week-end? I’m sure the Queen would cringe out of her crown at these people representing her society; though thankfully it is in the minority of us who are contesters. The only ones who benefit from this show are the saloons and make-up companies which are extremely popular when the girls are getting ready. Apparently the camera makes you look pale, so how much fake tan are they actually wearing? Anyway the day we see 30 orange crayons walking around we will know where they are headed; to the magical, though make believe ‘Island of Fernando’!


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