Dont get me started onbuses Essay

I am lucky enough to have parents who can take me to school in the morning because if I had to take the bus more than once per day, I think I would end up killing someone…or myself.

You know the saying “you wait ages for a bus then three come along at once”, well where I live, “you wait ages for a bus then none ever come” seems more fitting. On several occasions I have waited and waited for a bus which never came while Doris from next door rambles on to every elderly citizen that passes by as if they were best buds. I’ve had to stand around in the freezing cold for up to an hour before I resorted to other methods and to be honest, I don’t know why I bother. Time after time I wait for the bus and when it finally turns up, do I get an apology? No I do not. Instead I am greeted by the grumpy operator of this forever delayed contraption. They make you wait around in the cold and rain before handing over money to sit in an uncomfortable machine which you know has made you late.

The only thing that annoys me more than buses is the Neanderthals that drive them. The majority of them don’t seem to be able speak and the ones that do never have anything nice to say. If pleasant drivers do exist, there certainly aren’t any where I live. The only time they ever converse with passengers is to ask them for their passes. Most bus drivers don’t bother asking to see a bus pass, so I never get it out; but then some pedantic drivers decide to ask every single person trying to get on the bus. If the passes where that important then why don’t all drivers ask to see them? The bus drivers that don’t ask to see them lull us into a fall sense of security that the pass is superfluous only to have the other morons shout at you for not immediately presenting it.

The state of the vehicles is another thing that winds me up. Forever I am finding sweet wrappers and empty drinks bottles littering the floors of my local bus. The horrible inescapable stench that consumes the entire vehicle is disgusting; I might as well be in a sewer! But worst of all is the horrible sticky mess which is plastered to every available surface, also known as chewing gum. If I was in any position of power the first thing I would do is put a ban on chewing gum, bubblegum and any other gum you can think of.

I don’t know how the bus companies decide the bus timetable but they certainly don’t use common sense. I was sat at the bus stop yesterday for around twenty minutes waiting for my bus to arrive, and in that time at least eight buses all going to the same place drove past. Why that area needed that many buses is beyond me; the majority of the buses were empty while a dozen other people and I had to wait around for a dingy rust bucket which we all had to pay to cram ourselves into.

And it gets worse at the weekend. You would think the bus companies would put more buses out at the weekend since that’s when people want to go out and do things, but of course not, that would be too sensible of them. It is near impossible to arrange to meet up with friends anywhere since they all live in different areas of my city. This means that they all have to catch separate buses provided by different bus companies who have decided to supply their once-a-day buses at completely different times.

I think by now you will have gathered that I’m not a big fan of buses. In an ideal world I would be driven everywhere and never have to use public transport. This is obviously never going to happen, so for now I guess I’m stuck with buses.


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