Don’t worry Sweetie, We’ll Photoshop it if it’s too sheer!

Being a model is rather a difficult job, especially for females, that being naked in front of unknown requires huge courage, enthusiasm towards your work and honesty with your dreams. What you see on camera is sometimes, a broken heart. Broken heart because of many reasons, financially, emotionally, physically, etc. To test someone’s limits is I think against the law of humanity. It’s the dream job of most of the teenage girls and a bunch of them has persuaded modeling. Being in the Industry needs luck and courage to drink the sour part of the job. Many girls are being harassed on daily bases and they are paid a huge amount not for their job but on “keep your mouth shut” bases. And there was no government law for them in the beginning.

Girls are rejected with lame excuses like, you are 1 cm fat, you are not beautiful, and their dreams flew away like a smoke, within seconds.”Its horrible and disgusting”, Cara Delevingne, 23.Models’ body-shape is dependent on Industry’s requirements, whatever they say, you must need to look like that, otherwise, a cab is waiting for you outside. France banned models with a BMI below 18 from working in 2013.

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Kylie Bisutti, 23, saw her dream come true when she beat 10,000 other girls in the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Angel Search competition. In her forthcoming book, “I’m No Angel,” she reveals why she gave up a multimillion-dollar career for the quiet life in Montana.   After her marriage, when she won the Victoria’s Secret, she was told that she’d caught the eye of one of the celebrities at the after-party. And she was advised to meet with him. She refused to go out with him because she was happily married.

She had to face many obstacles to save her marriage. Kylie Bisutti with her husband, Mike.When she signed up with IMG, top modeling agency, she took the first photo shoot at the studio in Brooklyn to build her portfolio. The photographer convinced her to slip on a nearly-sheer bikini. That was too much when her husband was stood outside the room.“Don’t worry, we’ll Photoshop it if it’s too sheer,” he assured me.And after few days, she happened to saw her pictures on a porn site.

That was so humiliating for a couple. I mean, you do so much with your body by exercising and dieting to loose weight so can get a part and then you ended up all embarrassed. These types of things clashed with her Christian faith, which is why she gave up her dream job for God four years ago.’It’s not targeting their brand . . . I believe the modeling industry as a whole really exploits young girls.

‘Another excuse that let the teenage girl to a foot away from modeling, she was too fat to appear on the catwalk. Scarlett Gray 20, who is a size 8, already underweight of height 5’10”, told she needed to ‘tone up’ when she was 18 years old.Top modeling agency Elite, based in London, suggested Ms.

Gray lose more weight if she wants to be a part of London Fashion Week. She can easily felt her hip bones back then.Dangerously skinny appearance is giving young girls an unrealistic idea of how their own bodies should look, encouraging eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia.‘I was shocked and appalled to receive a phone call from my daughter in a very distressed state. Apparently, her hips had grown by a couple of centimeters; this is what happens to 17-year-old girls – it’s called puberty. She was prodded and pinched in an effort to point out areas where she should lose weight. There is very little fat anywhere on my daughter’s body, the area that was being pinched was, in fact, hip bone.

’, according to her mother. She quit modeling in 2015 as everybody has its limits.”If you hate yourself and your body and the way you look, it just get worse and worse.”, Cara Delevingne, 23, The Times. And recently Adiana Lima 36, refused to take her clothes off without a cause anymore for Victoria’s Secret.

This hit her mind when her friend told her that she was ‘unhappy in her body’.”Then it made me think … that every day in my life, I wake up thinking, how do I look? Was I going to be accepted in my job?” Lima, who is from Brazil, wrote. “And in that moment I realized that majority of women probably wake up every morning trying to fit in a stereotype that society/social media/fashion etc., imposed.”She added that women can’t continue “living in a world with such superficial values.

“”It’s not fair for us,” Lima wrote. “Beyond fair, it’s physically and mentally not healthy.””It will start with me,” she wrote. “I refuse to embrace that. I am next to you. And I stand by you.

“ Sara, founder and director of Model AllianceTo save most of the dreams, Sara Ziff, took the step in against these abusive acts circling around the industry and doing an impressive job. So, nobody has to quit or keep doing the job in regret.    “Modeling is mostly, the sale of women’s body’s for the purpose of moving merchandise.”, Michael Gross .  


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