Dream Vacation Essay

Some people go thought their entire life without ever enjoying their dream vacation. I Jesse Addison have taken the ultimate vacation to enjoy an entire week in Cancun, Mexico for exciting adventures, once in a lifetime fishing trip, and sipping margaritas on the beach.

It all started for me when I was about fifteen or sixteen on spring break from high school when I was at home for a week with nothing to do but watch TV.Mtv was the channel I watched the most it also covered Spring Break around the world; spring break is where all the college kids go take a break from school mainly to have the week just to party all night every night for the week that they are there. So believe it or not I’ve wanted to go on this vacation to Cancun, Mexico for about six years or so. It is know about ten years later and I’m back from the ultimate dream vacation where things went good but there were also a couple bad days. When I made the flight down the first day I arrived that morning very tired but decided to try to see the sites before going to the bar.The first thing that I came across was a tour of the Mayan Ruins which was a spur of the moment thing to do but I wasn’t going to start out the vacation taking a nap in the hotel.

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While on the tour I learned that the Mayan people lived in about 300 A. D. to 900 A. D. and Cancun has about forty cities discovered and about fifteen of the sites can actually be toured. These cities have huge temples or pyramids built out of sculpted limestone blocks and most of them have hieroglyph carvings of serpent, birds, and even humans.

After the tour was over I had no choice but to go to the bar and have a little fun turns out that’s where I stayed the rest of the night until morning and then the rain came then more rain and just when you thought it finally was going to stop raining it would rain some more and it did stop raining for three days. I didn’t let the rain stop me I was there to party so party I did I probably went to every bar in Cancun. The fourth day after all the rain stopped I decided to go on a off shore fishing trip seventeen miles out into the ocean where you really can’t even see land.The boat ride started out very nice sun was shining, the ocean waves weren’t very big which made for a very smooth ride in the boat I was on, but just my luck a little over half way the rain and high winds came again and about five minutes went by and the captain of the boat decided we shouldn’t go all the way to the fishing spot he’d originally planned on going to we should turn back and go to one closer to land, so I agreed after all the waves had to be over ten feet the boat was not suppose to be in this bad of weather. The storm at sea lasted about two hours and was over about twenty minutes before we arrived at the captain’s second spot.It was like the calm before storm only after, it was perfect the sun was out and the ocean water was like glass due to absolutely no wind, so we got started fishing.

It started out with a couple of bits but they got off then after about two hours after starting is when I had hooked a giant marlin. If you’re not familiar with the fish called a marlin there are several different species but the one we were after was the Blue Marlin. These fish for an average size are about two hundred to four hundred pounds and about eleven feet in length; the biggest marlins can be over fourteen feet in length and weigh close to two tons.So the fight with the giant marlin lasted about four hour, when I finally got the huge fish to the boat the captain and the crew members were going crazy, I remember hearing that one’s huge, and it’s a giant, I didn’t pay much attention but I was very happy too. After making it back to the marina that day, we where weighing the fish and taking pictures, I found out that the fish really was huge not a record breaker but close the monster fish I did battle with for four hours weighed in at one thousand and eight pounds.Turns out there is a club, if you catch a thousand pound fish you make it into the club, it’s not that big of a deal there’s no money to be made I just received a t-shirt and according to them a lot of bragging rights. Their turn out that it wasn’t the most ultimate vacation that I could have been on due to the rain.

Now looking back on it there’s nowhere else that I would have rather been than at sea in a storm or at a bar during the rain. It was a very memorable trip I met a bunch of people and had the time of my life.


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