Drilling Mud Presentation Essay

* Assaalamualaikum and a very good evening ladies and gentlemen. * Thank you for coming today, i hope all of you can gain some benefits from this informative presentation. * I have one question to ask before i proceed with my presentation, how many of you intent to work in oil and gas industry in future? i believe each one of us has a big opportunity to work in oil and gas industry. * So i am here to present about drilling mud which is one of the most important things in oil and gas industry.* Allow me to introduce myself first, my name is Mohamad Nazrul bin Mohd Salleh, currently in 3rd year 2nd sem taking petroleum engineering. What makes me capable to present about drilling mud? Because i am petroleum engineering student, and i had taken a course that specifically focuses on drilling mud.

Furthermore, i have done a lot of research regarding this topic. * The purpose and objective….

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. * Throughout this presentation, there are three main points that i will explain to all of you 1) the general function of the mud, 2) the mechanism of the mud, 3) the type of mud been used in drilling process.* First of all, what is mud? Mud is a fluid that keeps on circulating in the well throughout drilling process. One of the most critical roles of drilling mud is as a lubricant. While drilling process took place, there are lots of friction and heat been generated. So mud is needed in order to cool down the temperature and also to reduce the frictions.

* The mud also will collect all the debris or the drilled cuttings from the wellbore and transport it to the surface. * The other function of drilling mud is to maintain the stability of the well in terms of friction and pressure. * If the pressure of the well is much higher compare to the pressure provide by the mud itself, the wall of the well will have the potential to collapse Enough with the explanation on the function of mud, now I would like to share with you about the mechanism of the drilling mud.* Drilling mud is keep circulate again and again throughout the drilling process. * Mud from the storage tank will be pump by a motor to the bottom of the well through the head of the drill pipe. * Then, it will circulate and rises up to the surface.

* This mud will collect all the debris from the wellbore and been passed through a tank called separator on the surface to trap and filter those debris. After explaining about the general function and the mechanism of the mud, now allow me to share with you regarding several type of the mud which commonly used in drilling process. * Basically mud is categorized into four category, which are water-based, oil-based, gas-based and synthetic mud.* But I’m not going to touch in detail about synthetic and gas-based mud. I will only focus on water-based and oil-based mud. * Water based mud is the most commonly used in drilling a well.

The based liquid can be fresh water or sea water. * Whereas oil based mud is use when the temperature and the pressure of the well is quite high. Furthermore, oil based mud is much stable and highly lubricious which good in protecting the bit from been wear too fast. * For the past few minute, I did mention to you about the function of the mud, its mechanism, and type of mud that commonly used in drilling a well.

* As for the conclusion, I do hope that the information that I share with you just now is beneficial for your future career and also help you to get a clearer picture of the mud itself. * That’s all from me, I end up my session with thank you. Any question from the floor?


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