Drought Essay

“Drought: Can Conservation Make a Difference” Living in a country with rapidly growing population, conservation is an increasingly pressing matter. This dilemma is more prevalent in times of drought. Individuals have to play a part to manage water and to keep from soil erosion. However, making a population do something is a difficult objective to achieve. I offer a solution in three ways: one, that a fine is imposed on citizens that go over a certain amount and two, we make appliances and water efficient farming the standard, and finally three, we educate our world on smart water use and that it will save them much in the long run.

Conservation can make more of a difference in the future. If water conservation plans are enacted in the first place the drought would make less of an impact on our population. Fines would be imposed to someone who has used more than the amount of water rationed to them. The revenue of this fine would be used to fund water conservation and drought expense. Also, another aide to conservation that would help before and during a drought is improved appliances that are water efficient. Improved appliances make conservation less burdensome. Consumers do not have to proactively engage in using less; it is done for them.

Preservation, during times of drought, also involves another important issue: soil conservation. The Dust Bowl was unexpected and it devastated crop and peoples’ lives, and also was a debilitating time for America. Soil retention is important, grass cannot be left dead. Instead, homes need to have smarter landscaping, such as grass, shrubs, and bushes that are drought resistant. For farmers during drought conditions they should consider no-till farming to prevent the loss of soil moisture. When a farmer tills the soil, it reduces water infiltration when it breaks large pores in soil structure.

Tilling also increases soil run-off. Education is a great weapon to make everyone more conscious about not only drought conservation, but techniques that will save them money in the long run. As well as, show people how easy conservation can be. Droughts are a community problem if everyone gets involved they would probably like to see the gallons of water saved published in the local media. This would help get everyone involved and invoke some communal pride. People at the grass-roots level would help prepare and reduce their use of water. Government agencies can’t do everything it is the average person that has to make effort.

In retrospect, education and making conservation mandatory is imperative to make a difference, but conservation can help in so many ways every day. It is a smart idea from the beginning, to conserve in every aspect of our lives. If everyone plays their part, our water reservoir will have plenty to go around when severe drought conditions occur. Forming conservation standards and government aide of areas affected by drought is government responsibly. However, conservation saves money and is morally right, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to conserve our natural resources.


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