Drug Abuse Essay

Possible outcomes of drugs can be a ban for life of the athlete plus a fine. If the athlete wins it could encourage other athletes to take drugs. It could make the athletes sponsor look bad. This could also make the sport look bad and may prevent people from wanting to take part in it or fans going to see it and over all reducing the amount of fans or support of the sport.Differences between class a and class c drugs are although they are both illegal the use of class a drugs the punishment and effect on the body is much more severe than the use of class c drugs. Class A drugs include drugs such as heroin and ecstasy and can face life in prison if caught dealing whereas Class c drugs such as cannabis and gbh if caught dealing you can face up to 14 years in prison which is much less severe.

Religious teaching and beliefs can stop a believer from taking an illegal drug as most religions completely forbid the use of illegal drugs.Christians believe that some recreational drugs such as wine aren’t forbidden as at the last supper jesus represented his blood by a glass of red wine. But Christians see the body as a natural home of the soul and therefore it is precious and sacred “your body is a temple of the holy spirit”. So Christians don’t approve the use of most recreational drugs and all illegal drugs as they can alter the way the mind thinks and make people incapable of praying to god and not being alert to god but most Christians will take drugs on prescription.

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Alcohol tobacco and caffeine are drugs which are seen as ok for Christians but these are not illegal anyway so coming back to the question a religious Christian will never take illegal drugs as the body is sacred and should be taken care of. Drugs are seen as evil as they encourage people to act the opposite way to the way they should and therefore commit sins as well as crimes.Islam is opposed to the use of any drugs except those which are medically prescribed. The prophet Muhammad said” the use of any intoxicant is khamr and all khamr is haram” and therefore all drugs are seen as intoxicants as they intoxicate the mind and change the way a person thinks and all intoxicants are haram and therefore a Muslim would not take illegal drugs.

“O ye who believe, liquor, gambling, idols and divining arrows are but abominations and Satanic devices. So turn wholly away from each of them that you may prosper. Satan desires only to create enmity and hatred between you by means of liquor and gambling and to keep you back from the remembrance of Allah and from Prayer”. So all non prescribed drugs are seen as the work of the Satan and are designed to make the beliver forget god and all drugs enable people to escape from real life and therefore forget about god. So therefore a religious believer would never take an illegal drug as the use of drugs is completely against Islam.No as most religions such as Christianity and Islam forbid the use of most drugs but not all.

Christianity forbids the use of all drugs illegal and recreational except tobacco alcohol and caffeine and therefore taking these 3 drugs would not be a sin. Jesus represents alcohol as his blood during the last supper and advises his disciples to drink it and although it conflicts with the teaching that the body is sacred and nothing that effects the way a person thinks should be taken, many Christians around the world find it alright to drink alcohol. Also medically prescribed drugs are taken to help someone and for their own good health and therefore taking these cant be against a teaching.On the other hand many Christians believe that the taking of all drugs including illegal and recreational is forbidden. Alcohol although it is shown Jesus advises his people to drink alcohol it still effect the way someone thinks and could effect they way they think about god and therefore should not be taken due to the bad effects it has on behaviour and many Christians choose the alternative at Eucharist to wine which is un fermented grape juice. Also although there is no exact teaching on tobacco and it is not forbidden by any churches many Christians are concerned about the effect it has on health and behaviour and most Christians would make the sensible choice of not smoking.

Islam also forbids the use of every drug except tobacco. Tobacco is not specifically mentioned as being haram but it is Makruh, strongly disliked, but this doesn’t mean that it can not be taken and there is an option of your choice to take it. Also Islam clearly states that all drugs except those medically prescribed are disliked and haram so therefore taking of medically prescribed drugs is alright. So Muslims consider that all non-prescribed drugs are the work of Satan.On the other hand some Muslims believe that all drugs are haram as they intoxicate you and Prophet Muhammad said, ‘Every intoxicant is Khamr (alcohol) and all Khamr is Haram (unlawful or not permitted).Overall I believe that the use of medically prescribed drugs in both Islam and Christianity is ok and in Christianity the use of alcohol caffeine and tobacco is ok and in Islam the use of tobacco and caffeine is ok but any other drugs in both religions is completely forbidden.


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