Dynamics 365 Plan

Dynamics 365 Plan:

Dynamics 365 plan users get access to the entire Dynamics 365 app:

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• Sales
• PowerApps
• Talent
• Customer Service
• Finance & Operations
• Field Service
• Project Service Automation
• Retail

The Dynamics 365 plan costs/user/month

• Full User: From 210 dollar
• Operations Activity: From 50 dollar
• Team Members: 8 dollar

Unified Operations Plan

The Unified Operations plan is basically an ERP package. it includes every apps needed for back end operational management.

• Talent
• PowerApps
• Retail
• Finance & Operations

The Unified Operations plan costs per user per month

• Full User: From 190 dollar
• Team Members: 8 dollar
• Operations Activity: From 50 dollar

Customer Engagement Plan:

The Customer Engagement plan encompasses the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) side of Dynamics 365 & it includes:

• Project Service Automation
• Sales
• Field Service
• PowerApps
• Customer Service

The Customer Engagement plan costs per user per month

• Full User: From 115 dollar
• Team Members: 8 dollar

Dynamics 365 modular app licensing:
As part of it is moving to streamline Dynamics 365 licensing structure & give clients more flexibility. Microsoft is beginning to make Dynamics 365 apps existing in smaller, modular chunks and
Dynamics 365 for Talent has already parts of its features siloed off into modular apps that users can choose the functionality they require, & are able to include to their solution as & when they need to other modular apps will also be made available, creating more scalability for Dynamics 365 customers.
we would not see how the full modular pricing structure will work until its roll out next year and pricing for Dynamics 365 for Talent’s modular apps is already available.
• Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard and Attract together: 12 dollar/user/month
• Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract: 8 dollar/user/month
• Dynamics 365 for Talent: Onboard: 8 dollar/user/month

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE is a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM)business solution which can help you to improve the value of your marketing efforts through business intelligence, campaign management, and social insights.
By combining industry greatest practices with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) Visionet help its clients to maximize the value of their technology investments.
Included Applications
Following application are included.
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation
• Microsoft PowerApps
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales
• Microsoft Social Engagement
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
Business Benefits
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) streamlines the technique your employees communicate with customers ; enhances their ability to collaborate.
Here is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is one of the most sought-after customer relationship management (CRM)solutions in the industry:
• Work smarter to close further deals by leveraging easy to design process flows.
• Help clients anywhere, from any device.
• Make your network ; deepen customer relationships with social insights.
• Use configurable dashboards visualization tools to gain actionable insights.
• To improve, sales growth make meaningful, personalized customer experiences.
• Examine your sales data ; discover related information using interactive charts.
• Team collaboration aids your sales team sell as a team.

Visionet can help align sales, Marketing ; customer service operations with your customers’ requirements.
With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, you can start rising your organization’s productivity only 5 minutes. Streamline your customer relationship management (CRM) implementation ; reduce your IT department’s workload with a customer relationship management CRM solution that is hosted, maintained secured,& updated by Microsoft.
• Streamlined business workflows.
• Quick & easy implementation.
• Easy to manage &highly scalable per user licenses.
• Centralized customer information can be accessed anywhere, from any device.
• Reduces IT expenses & in-house maintenance efforts.
No matter how diverse your operations are, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can aid you to streamline your customer service operations and sales.


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