E-commerce’s biggest drawback is that it is only dependent to the internet

E-commerce’s biggest drawback is that it is only dependent to the internet. For example, consumers are growing increasingly weary about providing credit card information over the internet (Khurana, A. 2018). The press has been filled with studies about hackers break into e-commerce web sites and stealing credit card information. This makes customers think whether they want to risk giving their credit card information online without a guarantee their information are safe. This led consumers thinking whether they want to give their billing information as over the years the amount of burglary has significantly increased. People assume their parcels have arrived and when they go to open the door to collect their parcels, burglars spray on the consumers and get what they want. This makes customers afraid to order online, they do not mind going to stores to purchase what they want.
Purchasing online is advantageous, the expense of e-commerce is not very clear. For instance, on-line buys are frequently joined by high dispatching and restocking expenses, an absence of guarantee inclusion, and unsatisfactory conveyance times (Corr S. Pondent 2017). The online buys must be sent and the transportation charges might be expensive. Large number of online business organisations have built up delivery charges. Some internet business chiefs contend that the additional charges are really a path for them to recuperate income they lost because of the additional thin net revenues with which they regularly work.
E-commerce has a huge disadvantage for the specific companies in cities where customers are less educated and they do not know how to access the internet and computer media (Ferreira, N. 2017). This factor can be a big loss for the company and its business. E-commerce is not very useful for the illiterate people and thus those people remain unaware by the policies and strategies of the big and well named companies.


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