Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action Essay

Earth Summits occur annually with all the political leaders, environmentalists and sometimes religious figures talking about how to make the planet a more eco- friendly and sustainable place. Sometimes Earth Summits occur in emergencies with the planet has really suffered from mankind’s selfish doings. People believe that Earth Summits are all talk and no action because the taxpayers pay for the Summit and there are no immediate consequences only long term. On the other hand people say that these Summits are inspirational and very good for the general public.The Summits are just a get together and there is no work actually done. The Earth Summits set each country their own target to follow and achieve in a certain time set. A few years ago UK was set a target to lower their carbon emissions through the Kyoto Protocol but they don’t think they can achieve this and this is what gets people saying “Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action”. If countries keep on failing to achieve their set targets then these Summits are useless and it is a waste of time and money.

This also spoils the reputation of a country and annoys religious groups to see how carefree countries are to objectives about the planet. Another reason why people don’t like the Earth Summits is because they are costly and pollutant.They are costly because the taxpayers have to pay for the heads to accommodate in a 5 star hotel, have top class security, a 7 course meal and a first class flight which is very expensive and the money could be put to better use. The Earth Summits are fairly pollutant to the environment because people come from all around the world meaning there are a lot of air miles and a large carbon footprint is left behind. A very important reason why people don’t like Earth Summits is because concluding decisions are never made because everyone wants to protect their own ideas so it is hard to negotiate.

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This is why “Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action”.On the other hand people completely disagree with this statement that “Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action” because they believe that they are inspirational and allow the world to see how their leaders are trying to protect the planet so they should do their bit. This helps build bonds within the community as everyone begins to have one objective. Another reason people believe that Earth Summits are good because some good always comes from them; UK don’t think that they can achieve their set target for Kyoto Protocol but that does not mean they did not try and cut down on carbon emissions because they cut down by 19% which is better than nothing. Also Earth Summits allow the leaders and the public to become more aware of the global issues which may threaten the planet later on, so we can react quicker and help the issue.

The Earth Summits also allow countries to bond as their leaders meet to create social cohesion within the different nationalities and races.In my opinion I think the “Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action” statement is wrong because the Summits are very inspiring and they are better than nothing. They allow the countries to meet and bond which would not usually do. Also it raises a lot of global awareness with the planet itself to the general public to show them how much their leaders do and that it is time they do their bit to protect the planet so our future generation have little problems living a good life like we did.In conclusion some people believe that “Earth Summits are all Talk and no Action” because they are very costly and pollutant to the environment. Also some leaders can never agree on conditions and some countries can’t even meet their targets so it is pointless.

On the other hand people believe there is a lot of action because UK managed to cut carbon emissions by 19% and it raises a lot of awareness.


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