East Bay village-to-village path Essay

Now you can hike, bike, or ride horseback between and through two
charming East Bay towns on the newly extended Lafayette-Moraga Trail.

The 9-mile paved pathway winds north from the hills above Moraga,
then into town, past historic St. Mary’s College, along St.
Mary’s Road, and climbs the grassy hills before dipping into
Lafayette. Both towns offer good shops, bakeries, and restaurants where
you might want to stop during or after your outing.

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There’s an exercise course near the trail’s south end
(just before you reach the college); this is the steepest section, after
which it levels out. As the trail heads into Moraga, it skirts a
construction site; loose gravel is a hazard. And since pedestrians,
cyclists, and equestrians share the trail, exercise caution.

For horseback riders, it’s best to start the trail at its
south end, at the Valle Vista Staging Area, where there’s parking
for trailers. If you’re on foot, you might set up a car shuttle.
The trail’s north terminus is at Reliz Station Road and Olympic

To get to the south trailhead, take State 24 to the Orinda exit and
head southeast on Moraga Way 3 miles to Canyon Road; go southwest on
Canyon Road; go southwest on Canyon Road 1/2 mile to the Valle Vista
Staging Area. (East Bay Municipal Utility District trails also lead
from here, but hikers need a permit; call 835-3000, ext. 574.)


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