Easy Stress Management Techniques Essay

A very Good Morning/afternoon/evening/to my teacher and friends. I’m Chong Ching Yung. Today I would like to talk about “How to cope with peer pressure”.Where are all these pressure from ? Do you have any idea ? Peer pressure can be from many types of issue such as family, school and friends. Pressure that came from family is when parents argue. This will affect their child from thinking negatively.

However, teenagers often gets pressure from teachers too. Some teachers will require students to get good results. Friends will also laugh at them that can’t get good results.First of all , I have a few ways to reduce these pressure .You can try to listen some relaxing music like jazz, classic and others. You can also play musical instrument such as guitar, piano, violin and others . According to study, people who often listen to music will be more healthy.Exercise also a good way to release tension.

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After sweating , you will feel better. This is a good way to release stress and it will also helps you to have a good sleep. Normally this way is works better.Besides that , you can share with your bestfriend or counseling teacher about your problem too, so they can help you to solve the problem and give you some advice.Lastly, playing some indoor games will help to refresh our mind.

You can try to play games like scrabble or chess. It help to work your mind and you can learn more vocabulary. Actually, there are many way in which you can cope with peer pressure. Try not to push yourself too hard. I hope my speech will given you some idea, Thank you.


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