Eating Healthily With A Busy Lifestyle Essay

Salam sejahtera for ladies and gentlemen My name is Mohd Shauqi and I’m here to talk about “Eating Healthily With A Busy Lifestyle”. How many of you face challenge eating healthily food for your busy lifestyle? because you are always running somewhere from workplace to another appointment with clients, from workplace to home in the late night because so many work to do in workplaces and also make us not enough time to eat something healthy menu’s for lunch or dinner and so on, so I decided to find way how to eat healthy. Most of us try to learn about how to maintain the eating healthy with the busy schedule.When schedule are busy and the hectic it is not easy to make healthy eating as a priority.

Here are some of solutions I come up with, which include the choosing healthy food when at a restaurant and packing your breakfast, lunch, high tea and dinner. Ladies and gentlemen, Here we look about choosing healthy food when we are at a restaurant(both fast food and others) sometime incorporate healthier choices into their menus for customers especially vegetarian or on diet customers for various menus to choice. These healthy menus such as salad, baked, grilled and fruits.We start from salad, so many restaurant nowadays include these menus for their customers choices because it easy to make and healthy for eating in the restaurant or packing back to home, any variety baked and grilled food such as potatoes, chicken wing, fish and fillet and corn also can be includes for customers choice. Fruits as an appertiser begin eating some food, eating fruits it is also make us stomach comfortable with and ready to eat something heavy and provide nutritious for our body especially for a busy lifestyle people. OUMH1303Salad,baked and grilled, and fruits is glamours in many frachise restaurant such as Pizza Hut, KFc, Kenny Roagers and so etc.

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These restaurant provided the best healthy food and comfortable places and advise healthier services. APPENDIKS 1. Nor Azimah Chew Abdullah, Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Zubaidah Hassan. Oktober 2010, Hazad Management, February version. 2. Wan Din Wan Daud, Tong Swee Mei, N. Azimah Chew Abdullah, 2007, Pengurusan Sumber Manusia, edisi keenam. Laman web : 1) http://www.

unisa. edu. au/ohsw/procedures/hazad. asp


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