Ebusiness Qrt Task 2 Essay

Payments are taken online through a company called Eat. When clicking on checkout from Spice King’s site, customers are routed to Taste’s secure site where they simply enter their payment information. Payments can be made via several payment types, including cash at delivery. Eat secures private payment information encrypting it with a SSL certificate. Eat 24 acts as a local restaurant directory of sorts.

It boasts a pool of thousands of vendors who have delivery, pick- up, and catering. Customers enter their location information and it shows restaurants in that city. From there you can enter more advanced search items such as distance, type of cuisine, price range, restaurants with coupons, and more. Eat processes payments for the businesses for free. These payments can be made via Visa, Mastered, Papal, Cacophonous, Ames, Discover, or even cash. Eat posts restaurant’s menus, business hours, and the like.Spice King will not only benefit from Taste’s online ordering and payment system, but can take advantage of the free Online Marketing and Advertising, SEE – Search Engine Optimization, Menu Listing ND Prices Update, Web Site Creation, Logo Design and Creation, Clients’ surveys and Reviews, Online Coupon and Promotion, Engine Submission, Per Click, and 2417 Live Support.

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Eat charges Spice King an ordering fee for every order placed, billed monthly. This is crucial too small company like Spice King because if there is no order, there is no fee. There is no contract for this service either so Spice King can cancel if needed.By using Eat, Spice King pays one monthly bill and does not have to worry about making individually to other companies: Visa, Mastered, etc.

Eat 24 benefits from this type of business because they can advertise several companies together and yield higher results than Just one company. Accepting so many payments for different companies allows Eat 24 to pay a lower rate to the credit card companies. Eat 24 also increases its probabilities of receiving online orders due to the diversity of options available. Eat also generates money from the pay per click it creates for each of its customers.AAA. Search Engine Optimization. When I searched for “Indian Food Rent, WA” in Google, Spice King was the third on the list.

Second to Nana n Curry and Pablo Indian Cuisine. When searching “catered Indian cuisine rent, WA”, Spice King was in the top 5. Pablo was further down on that list and Curry Box didn’t show up at all. Being, Docile, Webmaster, and Yahoo all produced similar results. The site is well indexed but improving the site’s content itself will assist in spiders sent by sites to find and index Spike Kings site for more local results.White Hat SEE works best with these natural ways of searching sites and does not use spam or other intrusive sites that can be deemed unethical by some. Especially with the international interpretation on the site too. No search engine results snowed Spike King when any item in the menu or catering were typed in the Punjabi language.

Meta data tags as well as keywords in the content and effective URL allow web crawlers to optimize searches and increase attractiveness to the site. Each page should be unique and use different wording to describe each.Google uses meta data descriptions to display pages, avoiding duplicate information on each page will increase the site’s chances of showing up more often. This site also uses Google Towards Express and Google Maps which helps because of the restaurant’s location inside the grocery mart. Google Analytics is free and can help Spice King find critical information about its SEE. Meta tags will also assist social media sites like Faceable, Pinsetters, etc. Spice King can also increase its SEE by adding a blob which if updated regularly, will provide customers with fresh content and will also allow customers to ask questions and leave comments.

Back to the whole “can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken” concept. “The interactivity of the blob also adds value to the site and can also increase the likelihood of potential customers social bookmaking it and sharing it heir social networks. ” (http://correlations. Com/web_design/improve-see-website- design’). Spice King should also check their site for excessive code. Not only does this inhibit the search engine crawlers to sift through the information, it also makes for longer load times and could impact customer’s willingness to remain on the site.AAA.

International Considerations. The targeted market of Spice King is comprised of local customers of Indian Punjab decent who speak the Punjabi language. Some of the employees speak the same language which makes customers feel more welcome. The physical theme in the restaurant is also based on India. Having an international component to the site will give customers a small “taste” of what the restaurant is like. The site should have an international atmosphere as well as the inside of the restaurant.Menu items should be described in English as well as written in the Grumpier script, the official language of the state.

The site currently offers a playback of Indian music hidden at the bottom of the page. To appeal to the ambiance of the food offered and the Punjabi customer base, the music should play in the background automatically. Spice King is to tune into the local Indian culture sites such as www. Stipendiary. Com or http://misty. Sulkers. Com.

These sites have links to Indian grocery stores, day cares, movie theaters, travel agents, and along with many more, restaurants.These businesses are focused on our target market. Customers who speak Punjabi tend to start at these sites to find what they need almost as much as search engines. The customer who feels more comfortable with places that speak their language other than English or want authentic Indian Cuisine will be pointed to Spice King from a site they know and trust.

Customers come to Spice King for the Indian theme: food, music, and atmosphere. Focus on the customer and the international appeal of Indian music will positively increase the restaurant’s reputation in Indian culture.Indian music and language coupled with the culture of Indian colors on the page will give a more familiar and comfortable feel. Marketing to the culture of India will allow customers to see the company in a more favorable light and recommend the restaurant as employees strive to show compassion for the customers within the local community. AAA.

Customer Relationship Management. No matter how good the food tastes or how great the place looks, nothing stops customers from coming back like bad customer service. This is even truer in a restaurant with international culture.This concept doesn’t disappear as the world turns more technically.

Providing great customer service using internet technologies is Just more challenging. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important to build, maintain, and strengthen connections with customers when they are not in the restaurant. I recommend Spike King uses Coho CRM. Coho automates day to day activities capturing visitor date into its database ND turns leads into sales contacts with customers based on customizable time and context based strategies.Spice King can use their knowledge of their customer base to create their own customizable workflow. Profiles can be created for customers and customized coupons sent to them via email for example.

Coho provides sales forecasting service as well. Forecasting sales will prove especially helpful as Spice King increases their online orders and catering. Coho uses predictive models, historical analysis, and trends. Forecasting sales will allow the company to forecast workload and employee needs. Being able to estimate the mount of supplies needed is pretty crucial need for a small company like Spice King.

Coho Content Manager integrates account history, key contacts, customer communications, email integration, reports and dashboards, and internal account discussions all in one place. Coho can help integrate with Spice Kings site to customize the customers experience based on their previous visits. Coupons, specialized advertisements, and site highlights can change with each customer.

Based on the customer’s visit in the site, Coho can help campaign to those customers, sending deals or reminders via email to bring customers back. Online support is also offered by Coho.If customers cruising the site have questions or concerns, they can call or chat with a live online support person. This may be helpful in the event Eat 24 is down or the customer likes what they see but Just doesn’t want to complete their order online. They can call 2417 and place a future catering order.

Coho has a 15 day free trial. After the trial it costs the company about $300 a year versus some others like Salesrooms. Com which costs about $1600 a year. The free trial is a way for both Spice King and Coho to frame the objectives and decide if the revise are right for the restaurant.


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