Economic Analysis of Crop Diversification Essay

There is a dramatic alteration in the earning. disbursement and salvaging form of the people of India in the station reform ( economic ) period that is post 1991. During this period.

income bring forthing mechanism in this state underwent monolithic alterations. With a sustained economic growing. lifting per capita income along with an of all time increasing population.

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the dietetic form in India is besides altering really fast. The Indian nutrient basket is diversifying in favor of high value nutrient trade goods like fruits. veggies. dairy merchandises. domestic fowl merchandises and fish merchandises from staple nutrient such as rice. wheat and coarse cereals.

This raises a challenge to Indian agribusiness. On the other manus the modern agribusiness dominated by chemical and irrigation intensive agriculture system has non merely raised productiveness but at the same time has besides resulted in dirt eroding. H2O taint. pesticides poisoning. land debasement through H2O logging and dirt salt. depletion of bio-diversity.

etc. . coercing husbandmans to use ever-increasing doses of fertilizers and to do H2O supply available on a uninterrupted footing. in order to keep the productiveness degrees.

This once more raises another challenge to Indian agribusiness. It may non be inquiring if we assume that organic farming system may bring forth such state of affairs to turn to both the challenges mentioned supra. This paper is concerned with an analysis of harvest variegation under organic and inorganic agriculture in West Bengal. Crop variegation is different from the construct of multiple cropping or sequence planting over the turning seasons.

Furthermore. it implies the usage of environmental and human resources to turn a mix of harvests with complementary selling chances. Therefore.

it implies a shifting of resources from low value harvests to high value harvests such as fruits. veggies. etc. The construct of harvest variegation in globalized market of agricultural green goods refers to increase the entire harvest productiveness in footings of quality. measure and pecuniary value under different specific agro-climatic state of affairss across the universe.There are two attacks to harvest variegation in agribusiness. First is horizontal variegation. which is the primary attack to harvest variegation in production agribusiness.

The attack takes topographic point through harvest intensification by adding new high-value harvests to bing cropping systems. Therefore. the attack facilitates the betterment of overall productiveness of a farm or farming economic system of a part. The 2nd attack is the perpendicular variegation.Under this attack. husbandmans and others add value to merchandises through processing. regional stigmatization.

packaging. selling or other attempts to heighten the farm-product. The chances for harvest variegation may change depending on hazards. chances and the feasibleness of proposed alterations within a socio-economic and agro-economic context. However. harvest variegation through permutation of one harvest or assorted cropping / inter-cropping may be a utile tool to extenuate jobs associated with deviant conditions to some extent. particularly in the waterless and semi-arid drought-prone / dry land countries.

Impact of harvest variegationCrop variegation is intended to pattern of turning more than one harvest ( or endeavor ) in any twelvemonth to increase fiscal and biological stableness of the farm. In the agricultural context. variegation can be regarded as the re-allocation of some of a farm’s productive resources. such as land. capital. farm equipment and paid labor. into new activities. These can be new harvests or farm animal merchandises.

value-adding activities. proviso of services to other husbandmans. etc. On the other manus. variegation of agribusiness refers to the displacement from the regional laterality of one harvest to regional production of a figure of harvests. to run into of all time increasing demand for cereals. pulsations.

oil-rich seeds. fruits and veggies. etc. It aims to better dirt wellness and a dynamic equilibrium of the agro-ecosystem. Crop variegation takes into history the economic returns from different value-added harvests.

Crop variegation can break digest the ups and downs in the market value of farm merchandises and may guarantee economic stableness for farming households of the province.The inauspicious effects of deviant conditions. such as fickle and bare rainfall and drouth are really common in a huge country in agricultural production of the province. Incidents of inundation in one portion and drouth in the other portion are a really frequent phenomenon in the province. Under these deviant conditions state of affairss.

dependance on one or two major cereals ( rice. wheat. etc. ) is ever hazardous. Diversification in agribusiness has enormous impact on the agro-socio-economic status and uplifting resource-poor agriculture communities. It generates income and employment for rural youth twelvemonth unit of ammunition for the ultimate benefits of the husbandmans in the province. It implies the usage of local resources in a larger mix of diverse cropping systems and farm animal.

aquaculture and other non-farm sectors in the rural countries.Problem statementThe output every bit good as farm income is the indispensable portion for harvest variegation for the husbandman of an agricultural based economic system like West Bengal. Normally. the husbandmans diversify farm endeavors to run into the hard currency demands of the household and to extenuate hazard associated with mono-cropping. depending on conventional wisdom over the old ages. The harvest variegation in the province is besides considered with greater accent from the position point to monetary value response. market substructure. handiness of resources and public intercessions ( monetary value and recognition policies of farming concern.

research and development in farming activities. etc. ) in agribusiness.The wise harvest mix has facilitated increased farm incomes.

It has besides part towards the use of under employed resources to extenuate seasonal and under unemployment of rural labor force. The harvest variegation has besides helped to cut down hazards and uncertainnesss in harvests outputs due to climatic and biological vagaries. Thus the survey was conducted to analyse the extent of harvest variegation at different degrees of farm size every bit good as harvest turning seasons in West Bengal for both inorganic and organic agriculture systems.

normally followed by the husbandmans in the province.


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