Economic Effect of 2013 Election Essay

All of the reading this week deals with emotion and their influence on our perception and judgments.

As filing their candidacy started October 5 of last year, which focused our politicians to compete in may 2013 midterm elections. This grabs for 12 senatorial seats, as well as position in the lower house of congress and in provincial, city and local government. Out of politician debris, this are two major groupings have formed so called: UNA (the united nation alliance) and LP (liberal party), this does not form on their platform, or coalesce around even the semblance of a politics idea.As we have all known, when talking about politics, what pop out in our mind is family dynasty that Filipinos disagree it but can no longer stop it. When this candidates starts to campaign, they usually offer a lot of job, scholarship program, free medication, and would even make laws for our so called RH bill. Thus, this 2013 election did even help our economy.

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Specifically for the examples that was given, and even a great help to our students those who are in need or has financial problem.So good thing that our candidates, in this election have thought of giving education and job an importance of each person’s daily living. As I’m proud to say that vote wisely as this candidates had helped jobless people to have their source of income. Because now a days most of Filipinos are hysterical and hopeless in searching for job it’s because of qualification needs to be meet, and we know with this program they offer it would lessen jobless people. On the other hand, we also have heard about gun band when candidacy started.This lessens crime, as per headlines that we’ve been reading crime rates goes down by 60% from 89%.

This 2013 election had greatly helped our economy thus, in our society as in business, finance, Health care and crime for its production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. The Philippine balance of payments 2012: As I have read thru some articles about country’s balance of payment, most of us we’re a bit of happy and most of the people in the government burst out for joy. Knowing this improvement was a big help to our economy showing a positive effect on our country.With this surplus happens, when the foreign currency inflows exceed its outflows. This is actually a good indication of financial health.

But usually not that really reliable. Since most of us have this positively, then this is good sign because we are exporting more than what we import. Upon having a survey that OFW remittances is a good sign, which has estimate to hit about $2 billion per month. This has a long term investments because it will stay for a long time.

This kind of money that should be discouraged because whatever gain the investors realize does not filter down into the economy.In fact they, most of the time, disrupt the market by creating an illusion of a bull, then sell for bargain and get out. The Department of Finance (DOF) expects the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp’s financial modeling project for bank stress-testing and bank failure prediction to improve its oversight functions over member-banks and help maintain stability in the financial system. This for me somewhat overrides that studying other deposit insurance-related issues, such as governance, and risk-based assessments of deposit insurance premiums will be supported by multilateral organizations like the World Bank.So for many years that will come this would not denote a fundamental problem with regards to the government’s regulatory capacity and management capability over external transactions.. Perhaps, too, the unrecorded international transactions point to other economic issues as well, such as a prevailing domestic investment anemia, together with large underutilized productive capacities, and complicated by the unceasing domestic political uncertainties.

And it will just sum up that having the good sign of balance of payment for year 2012 would be understood as good economy for the upcoming years.Income distribution in the Philippines: Many years have passed poverty is what our fellowmen has experienced; this indicates a bad sign of economy in our country. When we say poverty it deals with the status of one or so the country. The main reason why we experienced this, is because of poor distribution of job offer; education is not sighted by individuals, over population and we have corrupt government. There are many possible causes for poverty in the Philippines and it’s hard to speculate.One cause could be the relatively recent industrialization.

Climate may even be a factor. But undoubtedly the number one reason for poverty in the Philippines is government corruption. Since poverty had happened to us, people also find way to overcome this.

For income distribution is highly uneven and a poverty rate is much higher than of to compare to another country. However, it will likely take sometime before the poorest element living in the Philippine society can experience the benefits of rapid economic growth.If only our government would just take care for their country men, and would realize how we’ve worked hard for our country, for sure less likely we experience poverty and so as inadequate income distribution. Hence, the only way we know if we didn’t experience poverty is, if one was able to meet his needs and wants. And so if one works hard in order to avoid inadequate income distribution, for sure no one is suffering in death for hunger. As what we’ve heard in an advertisement, the only thing constant in this world is change, so might as well change our government.


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