Education and Innovation Problem in Indonesia Essay

The Cause of Education and Innovation Problems In Indonesia Indonesia Is a country that has a low level of education and low innovation development. Education and innovation are aspects that cannot be separated. Education in Indonesia still has some problems which make innovation development cannot work well. There are some factors that can lead to Indonesia Education problem. According to the survey of Political and Economic Risk Consultant (PIERCE quality of Indonesia Education placed on the 12th rank from 12 countries In Asian. And according to http:// www. Collaborationist’s. G/gal.. ‘ in 2012, Innovation development In Indonesia placed in the 10th position from 141 countries. If we compared to another SEAN country, Singapore is in the 3rd position, Malaysia is in the 32nd position, Thailand is in the 57th position, and Vietnam is in the 76th position. These data proved that quality of education and innovation development in Indonesia is very underdeveloped. What are the problems of education in Indonesia? What about the development of Innovation In Indonesia? It is difficult to improve the quality of education and development of innovation in Indonesia.

The disproportionate of government attention becomes a main factor that causes the bad quality of education and development of innovation in Indonesia. This is shown by the fact that people in the city has a great facility rather than people in the countryside. Furthermore, people in cities have many sophisticated school buildings which are also equipped with teaching properties such as whiteboard, table, chair. And competent teachers. Some school may be equipped with air conditioner and free internet connection, while some school has an old building and cracks between each room that is nearly collapsed.

And the worst of all, students in cities can go to their school by car or motorcycle, in short they have appropriate transportation to be used to go to school, while, students in some area in Indonesia have to pass an old, dangerous bridges in order to learn and study In school. These examples are facts that are needed to be quickly solved. Apparently, there are still many corruption occurred, Including education and Innovation fund corruption. Furthermore, the decreasing value of Indonesian currency, Rapid, has driven to the decreasing of Indonesia economic system.

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The decreasing of Rapid value has made another problem to people with slow-developed and bad economy rate. Free learning fee for 9 years and another supporting education fund for poor people are still not enough to help them getting an adequate education. Poor family will automatically spend their money on things that are emerging In their life, such as food. Hence, poor family will not think about education. Furthermore, there is still another school fee that has to be paid by students. Besides, poor families still have low awareness of the important of education. Therefore, there are many under-aged workers in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, many people of higher economy condition put their concern more on getting prestigious title rather than their education quality. That Is onto surprising in university. In the other way, many people in Indonesia enter an university because of their parents request. People tend to go medical or law school to get a prestigious title. In short, some major has been stated as a bad and useless major, such as art. Some parents will insist their child to go to law or medical school rather than letting their children enter an art school. However, human resources in Indonesia are not ell equipped with knowledge based on their abilities.

The quality of education becomes a main factor of the developing process of a country. There are some efforts needed to be applied to increase the quality of Indonesian education system. In order to increase the quality of Indonesian education system, Indonesia had done several education curriculum changing. However, the changing of curriculum is not efficient because it is a high cost changes and takes time to be well applied in learning process. Survey proved that Indonesia has a longer time “face to face” learning style compared to other countries.

This survey told us that education system that is used is still work ineffectively, because the students are bored and tired to spend a lot of time studying in school. The long duration of learning style in education system in Indonesia proved other evidence that students still have additional course to support their learning process in school, such as academic course to follow up their material in school and language course. Beside that, the role of teacher as an educator determines the quality of education. But, in order to get a competent teacher, there is a selecting process which is not satisfied yet.

Many of “call” and bribery case in selection process of government official or PENS occurred, resulting in less competent of educators or teachers. Moreover, there are many criminal cases that teachers usually do to the student in many schools in Indonesia, such as physical bullying in learning process. In order to have a competent and well-behaved teacher, we need to more concern on the academic ability and moral quality of the teacher; because teacher has a huge responsible to create competent future generation. In order to increase the quality of education in Indonesia, we need a standard for the education.

This standard has a function to give the minimum scores in education, so it will increase the quality of Indonesian education system. One of the common problems in the standardization in Indonesia is National Examination or I-JNI. Has UN been the best standard for education in Indonesia? If student want to finish their education, they must passed the national examination. In this case, the score of national examination will not affected their last 3 years learning process in school, the score is purely obtained from national examination score. Furthermore, there are some unfair systems in scoring of national examination.

Various problems of education in Indonesia are related to the development of innovation. In order to increase the development of innovation, it needs competent human resources and a good education record. In Indonesia, there is still less scientific Journal publication; it is caused by the writing language that should be English, while many of researchers, lecturers, and professors in Indonesia are not mastered English. What a pity that knowledgeable academics still cannot master English well; whereas, English is an international language and all of the scientific journal is approved and appreciated in English language. Structured the development of innovation in Indonesia. How can the competent researchers have a difficult problem to develop their own research and make a new innovation because of the less of the fund? In the research, researchers need support of a huge cost. Indonesia should have many research and new innovations because Indonesia has many natural resources. Apparently, Indonesian natural resources are controlled by foreign company that taking the advantage in Indonesia resources. Many of Indonesia people that do not have respect and cannot appreciate a new innovation often underestimate new innovation.

Because of this problem, it is very difficult to introduce something new in Indonesia; furthermore, there are many of plagiarisms that make the innovator, who has many of innovative idea, prefer to work outside Indonesia rather than in Indonesia. There are problem happened in Research and Development Department in Indonesia. People in that department only want to get many appreciations without making a new innovation that can be used for others. This problem leads to the slow- developing education and innovation in Indonesia. Education and innovation are two things that have impact to all aspects in

Indonesia, which can lead this country to the better future. Education is a weapon for a country to create competent, innovative, and creative next generation who will make a breakthrough that can increase dignity of Indonesia in the international world. Furthermore, will be MEA (Muskrat Economic SEAN) in the 201 5 which allows foreign companies to invest and do their business freely. This is the time for Indonesian not only to become “employers” for foreign companies; Indonesia people must take control and become a partner in the international trading; and Indonesian will become the owner of their own country.


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