Edward Steichen Essay

Edward Steichen is one of the world’s advocates of picture taking. He is besides best remembered for his great parts during the universe war period. At the early age of 15. he began as learner in litography under the American Fine Art Company. He attended picture taking talks but continued picture after when he turned 21 in Paris. When he went back to New York. he exhibited his humanistic disciplines in Philadelphia Salon and three of which were purchased by Alfred Stieglitz. a lensman.

He so joined with Stieglitz and others and they established the Photosecession Group. His plant was made known more through Stieglitz. The undermentioned old ages. he experimented on picture taking and picture. He was besides among those who foremost used the Lumiere Authochrome procedure. In the International Exhibition of Pictorial Photogrphy. thirty- one of his plants were displayed. When the First World War erupted. he directed the division of picture taking of the American Expeditionary Forces and made aerial picture taking.

It was besides during that clip where he shifted his thought to realistic picture taking. The undermentioned old ages. he was engaged in celebrated magazines such as Vanity Fair and Vogue. as a head lensman. There he met celebrated famous persons like Charlie Chaplin as his theoretical accounts. In the Second World War. he once more directed the US Naval Photographic Institute and published naval combats photography. It was so that he organized the Road to Victory and Power in the Pacific exhibitions in the Museum of Medern Art in New York.

Furthermore. after the war. he became the Director of the museum and one of his popular exhibitions was the The Family of Man. He died in Connecticut at the age of 94.


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