Effect of Hurricane Katrina Essay

Hurricane Katrina first appeared as a tropical storm 30 degree off the equator on the 23th August 2005. On the 26th of August it developed as a Category 2 hurricane after the 1st landfall by the south of Florida. On the 28th August, it has developed as a catastrophic (Category 4) hurricane with wind speed excess 150mph. The devastating effects happened on the third landfall where the eye wall wind hit New Orleans on the 30th of August.New Orleans was flooded with a maximum 18 feet storm surge as well as other areas near Mississippi’s coast. It was totally damaged and destroyed.

83% schools are damaged, 850000 houses were damaged or destroyed with 1m people displayed. The floodwater carried sewage, chemical toxin and 11m gallon of crude oil spill from 30 different oil platforms into lakes and water pipe. After the hurricane, the Government released $62 billion aid relief to affected areas such as New Orleans, Mississippi and south east Louisiana.

700000 people were re-housed by FEMA.There was a long term effect of lead poisoning and oil spillage. There were looting and violence across streets; troops were transported to control the situation and looters were shot on scene. 1.3m people evacuate New Orleans before the destruction but still with a total death of approximately 1800 people including looters and criminals taking advantage of the panic city. 300% increase in suicide as a result of unemployment and housing destroyed and it had a big impact on the daily city life.

Global and local business affected, 1.3m acres of forest land destroyed which cost initially 5 billion. The unemployment reached a record high with 100000 unemployed. Insurance claim reached $2billion. Oil production forced to halt as a result of damage to the oil platform by the strong wind affected global oil supply therefore increase its price. 20% local marshes were permanently overrun by water from storm surge and would need 500m per year for 30years to replace wetland to a point where they could protect New Orleans.

A total of $100 billion cost of damage excluding the destruction of infrastructure and oil industry.


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