Effects of Perception Essay

Perception refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our senses. To perceive something is thus not understanding it, but rather hold that perception as the truth.

How one perceives the world may influence communication between one and the others. Employee perception is a factor that can make a huge difference in the communication among each other. As the personnel manager of Bonyeza ushinde company ltd. , I have noted different perceptions and their effects on communication among the employees. * SuperiorityAll employees are divided into departments according to their job specification and each department has a title. For example; there are managers who run the company, salesmen who trade the company’s services and the casual workers who clean and maintain the company’s premises. Employees perceive this hierarchy as a determiner of an individuals’ importance in the company. For instance; when a new sales man is introduced to a janitor, it is processed in both their minds that sales is worth more than just casual labor.

Therefore the janitor will not communicate openly to the salesman because he views him as his superior.They communicate differently in their roles than they would have if they met at random on the street. * Gender Although the genders are more similar than different in most aspects of communication, many claim that there is a biological difference in perceptions between men and women. It is suggested that men perceive time and space better than women, while women tend to identify emotions more accurately and perceive spatial relationships better. However, many people are socialized to perceive women as being weak or indecisive or men as being chauvinistic.These perceptions against gender can cause miscommunication among employees especially when delegating work.

Men are likely to be given more sophisticated work because they are perceived as intelligent. This may cause hatred between the men and women and so affect communication * Values Every employee comes from a different culture, which embraces different values, and has diverse worldviews. As they meet at their work place, every one of them acts in a way that is right in ones culture. Nevertheless, what seems appropriate in ones culture may be totally inappropriate to another.

For instance, some female employees may perceive their fellow outspoken woman to be disrespectful and of bad morals, hence avoid socializing and communicating to her. Meanwhile, the woman perceives her behavior as being confident and in control because it is her culture’s value. Therefore, different cultures having different perceptions hinder communication among employees. * Stereotyping Employees have a tendency of grouping themselves according to their tribes when socializing; it makes it easy for them to relate to one another.

Every tribe is associated with some traits, whether good or bad, which are perceived to be true.This often hinders communication because an individual is identified by his tribe and its traits. In a case of money theft for example; a person from the Kikuyu community is likely to be held responsible, just because Kikuyus are perceived to have an extreme love for money. Therefore, no matter how much he tries to justify himself, he will not be listened to. He will still be perceived as a thief. * Relationships When perceived the wrong way, relationships may cause miscommunications.

In an organization there may be a married couple or two working together. Sometimes one is a manager while one is a normal employee.In this case, the normal employee might suffer from being isolated and talked bad about by her fellow workers.

She might be considered favored by the boss (who is her husband) in many circumstances, even though she has worked hard to earn the prize. Communication between her and her colleagues will not be good because of the hatred built on the perception of her relationship with the boss. * Bad incidences Based on a certain bad situation that had occurred, some workers may have the perception that the people they are working with who are associated with the situation, are no good at their job.Therefore, they may tend to avoid working with them in fear of being held responsible for their mistakes. In doing so, it affects their team work and their communication as a whole.

* Personality clash Personality plays a big role in perceiving people. There are many ways to categorize personality, for example; extroverted people may be perceived as positive and happy, while introverted people may be perceived as unhappy and boring. However, while extroverted people are said to be interesting to be around with, introverted people may perceive them as self-centered and annoying.When these two categories of people meet at work, they are likely not to get along therefore affecting their communication. * skepticism What we think will sometimes influence how we view new information. That is why we sometimes are skeptical when foreign ideas invade our minds. Our thinking or current perception of things or an idea filters the new perception or information so that it fits the perception that our mind is willing to retain.

This skepticism causes miscommunication among employees, as one may think that his ideas are always blocked by others.


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