Egyptian and Mesopotamian society Sample Essay

1 ) What is one facet of Egyptian and Mesopotamian society that they had in common? The adult females could have belongings and travel into priesthood.2 ) What was the advantage of the Chinese composing system?The authorship system was cosmopolitan.3 ) What are trade. specialised work.

authorities. record maintaining. and beforehand engineering features of? A civilisation4 ) What ancient metropolis was founded on the Bankss of the Euphrates River? Ur

5 ) What is the Mandate of Heaven?When a merely swayer had Godhead blessing by a God to govern6 ) What do the pyramids of Egypt tell us about their society? They tell us that the people of Egypt believed in an hereafter. had a powerful leader.

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had tools 7 ) What was the system of composing that the Sumerian Scribe created? Cuneiform

8 ) What economic activity characterized the advanced metropoliss of Sumer? Trade9 ) How was Sargon of Akkad’s first imperium formed?Sumeria was defeated and they united Northern and Southern Mesopotamia to make an umpire10 ) Why do we cognize nil about the Indus Valley civilisation? We can non decode their written linguistic communication

11 ) Which species of hominids disappeared about 30. 000 old ages ago? Neandertal mans12 ) What metal did Sumer usage alternatively of Cu and it has an age named after it? Bronze13 ) What was the first hominid group to migrate?Homo erectus14 ) What was the ancient small town located in modern twenty-four hours Turkey? Catal Huyuk15 ) What was the name of the motion from hunter-gathering to farming called? Neolithic Revolution16 ) What were some day-to-day activities of nomads?Finding nutrient. happening a topographic point to rest. doing knives. fish maulerss. run uping acerate leafs. and spears 17 ) What were the societal categories of the people of Ur?

1st category: Priests/Landowners/Warriors 2nd Class: Merchants 3rd Class:Peasants/Artisans 18 ) What was the chief consequence of the domestication of animate beings? There was a changeless beginning of nutrient19 ) What functions is a zikkurat used for?Keeping spiritual ceremonials.

the metropolis hall. authorities. keeping of import material like seeds. record maintaining. and hive awaying nutrient 20 ) What is slash-and-burn faming?When you cut down trees and tall grass to unclutter a field and fire them.

Then use the ashes as fertiliser 21 ) What was the name of the swayers of Egypt?Pharaoh of egypt22 ) Mummification is portion of the Egyptian belief in what? Afterlife23 ) What signifier of natural barriers surrounded Egypt?Desertss24 ) What was the map of a pyramid?Graves25 ) What was the Egyptian signifier of authorship?Hieroglyphs26 ) What is a cataract?Boulders and rapids in a river

27 ) Humans and other animals that walk unsloped. such as australopithecines. are called? Hominids28 ) Another name for the Neolithic Revolution is?Agricultural Revolution29 ) Human made objects such as tools and jewellery are known as? Artifacts30 ) What innovations aided villagers in developing successful agriculture and trading patterns? Wheel.

Sail. Plow. and irrigation31 ) In Greek. “Mesopotamia. ” the lands in the Fertile Crescent that face the Mediterranean Sea. translates as what? Land between the rivers 32 ) What per centum of China’s land is suited for farming? 10 %

33 ) What was the name of the Babylonian leader that developed a set of codifications? Hammurabi34 ) What was the name of the female hominid skeleton found in East Africa in 1974? Lucy35 ) What are the drawbacks to populating in lasting small towns? Disease spreads quicker ; you are more prone to onslaught. natural catastrophe 36 ) Whatare the cardinal traits that you need to hold to be defines as a civilisation? Progresss metropoliss. record maintaining.

complex establishment. engineering. and merchandise 37 ) What is the procedure called when a new thought or merchandise spreads form one civilization to another? Cultural Diffusion

38 ) What type of authoritiess is ran by a spiritual authorization? Theocracy39 ) What is the term called that means God has chosen you to be the leader? Mandate of Heaven40 ) In China this was the name of the political system in which Lords or Godheads were given land by the male monarch? Feudalism


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