Egyptologists are still arguing whether there were aliens in ancient Egypt

Egyptologists are still arguing whether there were aliens in ancient Egypt. Most of them deny such a hypothesis , but there are also those who hold a different point of view.
If we look at the maps of Ancient Egypt, we can see that on almost all maps of the sky a person with a falcon head. In his hands he has a spear, which he directs not directly to the sky, but to the stars. That is, the picture shows neither a connection with something divine, but something cosmic.
Many scientists believe that earlier there were such civilizations, which by their knowledge far surpassed our modern. And in this regard, the question arises where this knowledge was obtained, it is possible that they were brought by aliens.
It can be assumed that initially certain knowledge was given by some extraterrestrial beings, then these civilizations developed and disappeared, and thus knowledge was transmitted to the new.
If we talk about the mysteries of the pyramid of Cheops, then we can start off on a drawing of a bird with a spear. The spear is aimed at the planets – Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and they are known to revolve around the sun.
Most likely, all these planets were visible and known in ancient times. A person points to a particular planet, which means that it was from this planet that alien inhabitants could fly. There is a theory that it was the planet Phaethon, whose death story was described beautifully in his book “Faetas” by A. Kazantsev. It is believed that it was Phaethon who was the supplier of primary knowledge to the Earth.

Like other civilizations, it disappeared, leaving the Egyptians with their knowledge. And maybe the Egyptians, were only a link in the chain of transmission of this knowledge?
It is likely that the planet Phaethon knew about her disappearance and for this purpose she prepared for herself other “places of dislocation”. That is, the aliens used the planet Mars.
Thus, using maps of Ancient Egypt, from the images on the frescoes we can talk about the extraterrestrial origin of primary knowledge and the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations .
Historians are still arguing about how the pyramids of Ancient Egypt were erected, this is a mystery that has no clue, to this day. The pyramids are too huge in size, given that Ancient Egypt did not have the proper equipment.
It is very difficult to imagine how they could be built in such a short time and only by human strength. Some Egyptologists believe, it is likely that the Egyptians were helped by aliens, they directed them in the right direction for the commission of such structures.

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Also the Egyptians were not alone in the development of their state, it is quite possible that the intervention of aliens is connected with this. And the appearance of the Egyptian civilization was unexpected and lightning, which also speaks in favor of the alien intervention.
These hypotheses are confirmed by a part of scientists, on the basis of the study of the mummy of the pharaoh Akhenaten. The skull, facial features and body were absolutely different from the modern human body. These creatures are simply impossible to imagine in the modern world, which indicates that Akhenaten could be an alien. And maybe even, Pharaoh Akhnaton was not just the ruler of Ancient Egypt, but also was a real messenger from the civilization of Sirius .
In conclusion, we can assume that if Phaethon was not the parent of an ancient civilization, including Egypt, there was no escape from the alien intellect.


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