Matric Number : 2017609384
Faculty / Group : MBBS240/I
Lecturer’s Name : MADAM JULINA

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Speech Title : ____________________________________
Organisational Pattern : Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
Visual Aid : Power point slides
General Purpose : To persuade
Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience to take care of their parents and should not send them to old folks home.
Central Idea : Nowadays, there too many cases about children that abandoned their parent and end up sending them to old folks, do not responsible 100% and depends on the Welfare Department only.


(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Attention)
1.Short video( 1 minute )
2.Guys, what do you feel after seeing this video?
3.Are going to be like that when you’re working, are going to do that?
4.Can you see their loneliness and sadness? After putting a lot of hardship to raise up their children, lastly, they just end up with staying lonely in theirs own home.
Don’t you guys feel pity with them and some of us felt only ways to solve this is to send them to old folks.
5.Why I am bringing about this family matter? Because in this 21century, humans have changed. Based on my observation :
A.Given that statistics of Malaysian population in 2016 is 31.19 million of people, and from World Bank Statistics 8.8% of the population are elder age, 60 years old and above which is approximately 2,7 million of elderly and will double the number by 2035 to 17.6%.
B.While the Welfare Department’s have reported that that 1/3 of 1,574 people living in old folks home are abandoned. This number will increase up to 15% in 2030 and will always increase year by year.
6.I never thought that number of parents that live in old folks home that much. It made me disappointed and sad, because I am a child. You are the child, we are the child. I didn’t want we end up sending our parents to old folks home.
7.That why, I intensively do some research on this and realize that why people nowadays intend to send their parents to old folks home, why you should not and how we solve this.
8.Today, I hope to persuade each of you, before you leave this room, that we should not send our parent to old folks home. Bear in mind.

(Transition : Let’s look more closely why children tend to send their parent to old folks)


(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Need)

1.The main reason that children sent elderly to old folks home because they believe that their parents batter taken care at the old folks home.

A.They insist that they were too busy and unable to spend time with their parent and cannot afford adequate care, while in old folks there were special care from professionals.
I.The highest percentage of 34 percent show that children that tend to sent their parent to old folks home because of busy life.
II. While, 23 percent generally think their parents better taken care in the old folks home.
a.However, from the study it show that the old folks home services in Malaysia is lack of palliative care. Palliative care is an approach that improve the quality of patient life and their family facing problem associating with life-threatening illness, prevention and relief suffering.
b.It may cause the parents having exhaustion, anxiety and depression.
c.Even worse, the terminal or chronic elderly abandoned in hospital and folk home without further examination. This is due to our government economic statues.
i.For example Rumah Kasih old folks home state that the income to run the place are deteriorating. They only rely on the generosity of the society and sometimes the owner, En.Zahari need to use his financial to support the expenses.

B.Moreover children felt the elderly become a financial burden. This is due to their poor economy state.
I.This is because of their unstable job and cannot secure the job.
II.Having elderly may cost the children to buy medication, sanitation and daily care.
III.But have you think about how much they spend on your growth. From your first day you born until you well grown up.Even in early stage of pregnancy also cost them a lot. It much more than the child bill on taking care of their parents.
a.Estimation on the parents spent money on a child until 18 years old is lies between RM 400,000 – RM 1.1 million
b.Contradict when a child spend on the elderly parents which is RM 151 200.00, based on after the parent retired and average lifespan of Malaysian population, but mostly parent nowadays have their own saving and some of the parents have insurance for health depends on package they choose before.It suppose didn’t burden that much to the children.

C.As the children busy with work, they wont able to have proper conversation. Therefor , children presume that being in old folks home can activate their social life, but its not.
I. At the folk home there will be other elder who in same range of age, maybe in early days it might be exciting for them to get along with someone else in their age. They can share story, experience and reminiscing good old days. As they go along, in long term they possibly become bored because all tale have been told, again and again.
II.Subsequently, they jump to conclusion, feeling that they are not important anymore and being push aside by their own child. Thus it will affect their health as it built fear, depression and loneliness.
a. Do know this man?(picture) This is T. Byram Karasu, M.D., chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He response that when the reporter asked “Why are older adults felt so lonely? “They are lonely because they are alone,”. Its not because of the environment, but their heart. Their feeling play important role to maintain them in healthy condition.
b.By living in the folks home already made them sad and felt they were useless, push aside, and then forgotten. The fact is Malay and Indian races will the most affected when you send them. This is because,these two races having closed relationship in family institution normally, its our tradition value. The Malay and Indian feel abandoned and lonely with percentage of 72% and 84% respectively
c.The study also depicts when elderly feeling lonely, the risk to die faster will be increase to 45%.

(Transition: So what’s the solution?)

(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Satisfaction)
2.We can resolved this issues if the caregiver (children) willing to do and able to sacrificed by take care our parent in our own house. But this solution can be applied if wife who don’t go for work or run a online business.

A.Spend more time with your beloved ones. Listen and observe them. All they need is your little attention and support. By listening and response to their story is more than enough. It will encouraging them to live more healthier. It will not cause any financial issues as you don’t make them sad and depress and lead to loneliness, more over your improving their body health.
B.Find hobby to spend time together. It don’t have to heavy, for instance cooking, gardening and watching together. It will help them stimulate their brain to think and prevent them having dementia, loss of memory and confusion.

3.Or if you are a busy person and can afford nursing care in your house it even better.

A.The nurse can take care all the medication and day care while your are not home. But still you need to check, maybe every 2-3 hours. Give them a call and ask what they are doing, just a simple talk. Your parent will be delighted and feel excited waiting for your call.
B.And when you are back, spend time with them, do some exercise or any activity. It will increase their health and become more active.

4.But there another way that I want to emphasized more, which is, to prepare a place for our elder, but not a folk home. It like a health centre but they not staying there. It just for day care, while you were working.

A.A place where your parent can have social life with others in the centre. They can do some activity together. For instance easy exercise, tai chi, gardening or maybe do creative art like sewing.
B.Moreover, they will be taken care by professional nurse or health care. Time for their medicine, hygiene and daily care. Everything just right.
C.At the end of the day, you will take them home. Your responsible not end here, at home you should spend time with them. Ask what have they done on that day, do some activity and have a dinner. If you have holidays take them to vacation, maybe organize a family days. It such a lovely activity to do.

(Transition : Ladies and gentlemen, again, I want to mention that we should not send parents to the old folks home.)

(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Visualization)
4.But if you still eager to send them to old folk home, what do think will happen to them.
A.As I mention before, it cause our parents health deteriorated eventually due to their feeling of loneliness and depression. But a simple changes you can do, by having them beside you, you can avoid the bad come into.
i.Having them with you, you will get the greatness of blessing. Never take granted for the one you love, because you never know when their heart stop beating.


(Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Action)

5.In conclusion, we should not send parents to the old folks home. We should appreciate what parents have done to us. Learn and do it, as what our religion have taught us to.
6.Wake up, wash your brain and think wisely.


Abd.Rashid M. Taufik (2011, September 10) A Study on Reasons and Effects Being Sent Senior Citizen to Old Folks Home. Retrieved from http://tangkapgambar.blogspot.my/2011/09/study-on-reasons-and-effects-being- sent.html
Marie, A. (2015) The Elder Loneliness Epidemic. https://www.agingcare.com/articles/loneliness- in-the-elderly-151549.htm


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