Electricity & Magnetism Essay

Properties of Magnets:Magnet: any stuff that attracts Fe and stuffs that contain iron Magnets attract Fe and stuffs that contain Fe.

magnets attract or repel other magnets. In add-on. one portion of a magnet will ever indicate North when allowed to swing freely.Magnetic Poles:Magnetic Pole: any magnet with 2 terminals. each is called a magnetic pole. Magnetic poles that are unlike attract each other and magnetic poles that are likewise repel each other. Magnetic Force: the attractive force or repulsive force between magnetic polesMagnetic William claude dukenfields:Magnetic Field: the country of magnetic force around a magnetMagnetic Field Lines:unseeable lines that map out the magnetic field around a magnet.

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Magnetic field lines spread out from one pole. curve around the magnet. and return to the other pole.Inside MagnetismThe Atom:Definitions:Atom: the smallest atom of an componentComponent: basic substances that make up all affair.Nucleus: halfway part of the atomProtons: atom that is positiveNeutron: Atom that has no chargeElectron: atom that is negativeA whirling negatron produces a magnetic field that makes the negatron behave like a bantam magnet in an atom.

Magnetic Spheres:Magnetic Sphere: grouping of atoms that have their magnetic feilds aligned In a magnetic stuff. all or most of the magnetic spheres are arranged in the same way. Ferromagnetic Material: A stuff that shows strong magnetic belongingss.

Making and Changing MagnetsMagnets can be made. destroyed or broken apart.
Impermanent Magnet: magnet made from a stuff that easy loses its magnetic attractionPermanent Magnet: Magnet made from a stuff that keeps its magnetic attraction for a long clip Magnetic Earth:Compass: a device that has magnetized needle that spins freely Earth as a Magnet:Merely like a saloon magnet. Earth has a magnetic field environing it 2 magnetic poles Magnetic Decline: the angle ( at a peculiar location ) between magnetic North and true north Earth’s Magnetic Field:

Since Earth produces a strong magnetic field. Earth itself can do magnets out of ferromagnetic stuffs. The Magnetosphere Earth’s magnetic field affects the motions of electrically charged atoms in infinite.

Van Allen belts: between 1. 000-25. 000 kilometers above Earth’s surface are 2 annular parts Solar Wind: watercourse of electrically charged atoms fluxing at high velocities from the Sun Magnetosphere: Earth’s magnetic field shaped by the solar air current Aurora: glowing part in the ambiance caused by charged atoms from the SunElectric Charge:Charges that are the same repel each other.Charges that are different attract each other.

Electric Force:Electric Force: attractive force or repulsive force between electric charges Electric Field: extends around a charged objectAn electric field is a part around a charged object where the object’s electric force is exerted on other charged objects.

Inactive Electricity:Inactive Electricity: the buildup of charge on an objectIn inactive electricity. charges build up on an object. but they do non flux continuously.

Transfering Charge:Law of Conservation of Charge: charges are neither created nor destroyed There are three methods by which charges can be transferred to construct up inactive electricity: charging by clash. by conductivity. and by initiation. Charging by clash: the transportation of negatrons from one uncharged object to another by rubbing Charging by conductivity: the transportation of negatrons from a charged object to another object by direct contact Charging by initiation: the motion of negatrons to one portion of an object that is caused by the electric field of a 2nd object
Inactive Discharge:When a negatively charged object and a positively charged object are brought together. negatrons transportation until both objects have the same charge. Inactive Discharge: the loss of inactive electricity as electric charges transfer from one object to another
Flow of Electric Currents:Electric Current: the uninterrupted flow of electric charges through a stuff To bring forth electric current. charges must flux continuously from one topographic point to another. Electric Circuit: a complete.

unbroken way through which electric charges can flux
Conductors and Insulators:A music director transportations electric charge good.An dielectric does non reassign electric charge good.Conductor: a stuff through which charge can flux easyInsulator: a stuff through which charges can non flux easy

Voltage:Voltage: difference in electrical possible energy between 2 topographic points in a circuit Besides called possible differencevariable is VVoltage causes a current in an electric circuit.Voltage Beginning: a device that creates a possible difference in an electric circuit

Resistance:Resistance: the step of how hard it is for charges to flux through a stuff OmegaOhm ?The greater the opposition.

the less current there is for a given electromotive force.

Ohm’s Law:Ohm’s jurisprudence says that the opposition is equal to the electromotive force divided by the current ?=VA
Features of a Circuit:First. circuits have devices that are run by electrical energy.

Second. a circuit has a beginning of electrical energy.Third. electrical circuits are connected by carry oning wires.

Series Circuits:Series Circuit: if all the parts of an electric circuit are connected one after the other along one way In a series circuit. there is merely one way for the current to take.
Ammeter: a device used to mensurate current.

Parallel Circuits:Parallel Circuit: the different parts of the circuit are on separate subdivisions In parallel circuit. there are several waies for current to take. Voltmeter: a device used to mensurate electromotive force. or electrical possible energy.
Electric Power:You can cipher power by multiplying electromotive force by current.Power = Voltage x CurrentP = VI

Paying for Electrical Energy:The entire sum of energy used by an contraption is equal to the power of the contraption multiplied by the sum of clip the contraption is used.

Energy = Power ten TimeKilowatt-hours = Kilowatts x Hours

Personal SafetyShort Circuit: connexion that allows current to take the way of least opposition One manner to protect people from electric daze and other electrical danger is to supply an alternate way for electric current Grounded: when charges are able to flux straight from the circuit into Earth in the event of a short circuit Third Prong: ( unit of ammunition ) connects any metal pieces of the contraption to the grounded wire of the edifice
Interrupting A CircuitIn order to forestall circuits from overheating. devices called fuses and circuit surfs are added to circuits Fuse: a device that contains a thin strip of metal that will run if there is excessively much current through it Fuses are no longer used because it can be hard to replace them Circuit Breaker: a reclaimable safety switch that breaks the circuit when the current gets excessively high
Electric Current and MagnetismAn electric current produces a magnetic fieldElectromagnetism: relationship between electricity and magnetic attraction

SolenoidsThe magnetic field produced by a current has three distinguishable features. The field can be turned on or off. hold its way reversed. or hold its strength changed Solenoid: a spiral of wire with a current
Electromagnets:Electromagnet: a solenoid with a ferromagnetic nucleusAn electromagnet is a strong magnet that can be turned on and off.

Electrical Energy and Motion:Energy: the ability to travel an object over a distanceElectrical Energy: the energy assiciated with electric currents When a wire with a current is placed in a magnetic field. electric energy is transformed into mechanical energy.

Galvanometers:Galvanometer: a device that measures little currentsAn electric current is used to turn the arrow of a galvanometer.

Electric Motors:Electric Motor: a device that uses an electric current to turn an axle An electric motor transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy.
Initiation of Electric Current:An electric current is induced in a music director when the music director moves through a magnetic field.

Electromagnetic Initiation: bring forthing an electric current from the gesture of a music director through a magnetic field Direct Current: a current consisting of charges that flow in one way merely Alternating Current: the induced current in the wire would change by reversal way repeatedly An alternating current consists of charges that move back and Forth in a circuit.
Generators:Electric Generator: a device that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy A generator uses gesture in a magnetic field to bring forth an electric current.
AC Generators:DC Generators:
Transformers:A transformer is a device that increases or decreases electromotive force. Transformer: consists of 2 seperate spirals of insulated wire wrapped around an Fe nucleus Step-Up Transformer: a transformer that increases electromotive force
Step-Down Transformer: a transformer that decreases electromotive forceExcess Info:the electrical force in an electrical current will aline magnetic spheres.


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