Electronic Medical Record Speech Sample Essay

Hello and welcome. I want to thank you all for leting my company. Medstaff the opportunity to state your employees about electronic medical records and what it can beneficially convey to your installation.

I am traveling to speak about the significance of quality disposal and how it operates manus and manus with electronic medical records ( Sanderson. 2009 ) . I am confident that our merchandise. Medstaff electronic records. our merchandise is one of the top merchandises out right cognize. Medstaff electronic records can give your company more deserving. originality. and accumulate money for the company ( Medisoft v15.

2009 ) . Let me your clip to edify you on what services Medstaff can provide your company’s office. Electronic medical record ( EMR ) is a system which saves any physician information. medical process. and any clinical appraisal that was completed on the patient ( Sanderson.

2009 ) . Electronic medical record ( EMR ) is meant to follow the patient’s medical history electronically for the doctors to recover easy ( Torrey. 2008 ) .The chief advantages of obtaining an EMR are for the forces and administrative staff to entree patient’s medical information straight. EMRs eliminate screening through paper charts and files that can be misplaced it besides helps the doctors to order medicines. lab trials. and any extra services requested by the office force. An EMR can besides be shared with other medical installations that have the same system so if referred or transferred to another installation the records can be looked over by the other go toing physician.

Office forces every now and so do medical errors when reading notes on patients charts. EMR can help in the decreasing of mistakes. Obtaining an EMR and pattern direction plan ( PMP ) can assistance with an office pattern tremendously ( Sanderson. 2009 ) .

The EMR and PMP are utile in an office. An EMR can convey information about patient’s visits to the PMP. The EMR be capable of describing the patient’s diagnosing and the services given into the PMP.Geting EMR package may help the office forces in pattern direction because the information is stored electronically and can be used by more than one individual at a clip. Datas on the PMP is simple to happen and assist to diminish lost files on patients because the record is electronic. With this system data is saved on computing machine medium.

it doesn’t take up any infinite like office shelves ( Sanderson. 2009 ) . In shutting. we can separate that EMR and PMP work successfully together in assisting a installation. EMR can salvage all patients files and have no job with misplaced or lost charts it is in the system. PMP is besides valuable for vouching that the office will run expeditiously ( Sanderson. 2009 ) . Medstaff electronic records can give your installation benefits.

salvage clip and money for your concern. I appreciate your clip to clear up what our company can convey to the tabular array. Thank you one time once more.MentionMedisoft v15 ( 2009 ) . Improve pattern public presentation with Medisoft v15. RetrievedOctober 3. 2012.

from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. medisoft. com/Home/index_PM.

aspx Sanderson. S. ( 2009 ) . Computers in the medical office ( 6th ed. ) . Boston: McGraw- Hill Higher Education.Torrey. T.

( 2008 ) . What is an EMR ( Electronic Medical Record ) /HER ( ElectronicHealth Record ) ? Retrieved October 4. 2012. fromhypertext transfer protocol: //patients. about.

com/od/electronicpatientrecords/a/emr. htm


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