Elements of Fiction Essay

“A Rose for Emily. ” is about the narrative of a unusual old maid. her male parent and her lover. Old ages before her decease.

the old maid was seen to hold bought arsenous anhydride. which many believed she would utilize to perpetrate self-destruction. The incident gave rise to dish the dirt in town. However. she didn’t dice and no one knew so to what utilize the arsenous anhydride was for.

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Besides at that clip. her lover was non seen or heard of in town. Many presumed that he has left and went north. After her decease. it was discovered that the old maid had kept her lover’s cadaver in her sleeping room and slept with it all those times.

“Soldier’s Home. ” is the narrative of a Word War I veteran who has been mentally scarred by his circuit of responsibility. The soldier discovered upon his return that he can non reintegrate in a society that he has lost connexion with. The chief character felt bad for the town’s turning away to cognize the horrors of war. He responded by being unenthusiastic about town life and being portion of it. In the two narratives. the secret plans are similar in the sense that they deal about personal battles in covering with the demands of society.

The secret plans besides revolve around life in towns and how everyone is more or less cognizant of everybody else’s concern and society tends to order its members. Puting The scenes of the two narratives are the topographic points and their corresponding societal environments. The scenes take on different maps in these two narratives by going the major adversaries to the characters.

Both characters rejected their community’s ways and values. 2 “A Rose for Emily” is set in Jefferson. a topographic point known to be portion of the “old South.” Emily embodies the ideal southern belle and the alterations in her life are things she can’t header with. “Soldier’s Home” is set in a little Oklahoma town whose involvements on the war veteran have become a load. which the soldier finally rejected. Character Emily Grierson and Harold Krebs.

the lead characters in the two narratives. are similar in being immune to society’s demands on them. Both suffered mental scarring caused by different events. As a consequence of those traumatic events. Emily and Krebs have become unnatural psychologically and turned into dysfunctional persons.

Emily lived with a cadaver. while Krebs lied his manner in town and fancied narratives that would fulfill the town’s romantic impression of war. Both were misunderstood and kept captured by their yesteryears.

Theme The cardinal thought in the two narratives is about the characters’ responses to the dictates of society. Emily suffered financially and mentally when his male parent died and left her penniless. Yet. society still looked on her as a coroneted adult female and expected her to take her lover consequently.

Krebs. on the other manus. returned place a war hero.As such. the community wanted to hear glamourous inside informations about war and turned deaf when they started to be told about the atrociousnesss of contending.

Emily and Krebs escaped by concealing inside themselves. the terminal consequence of which are the ghastly truth about Emily and the prevarications fabricated by Krebs.Plants CitedFaulkner. William. A Rose for Emily. 29 April 2008 hypertext transfer protocol: //www. ariyam.

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