Eleven roses new for 1985 Essay

This season 11 new roses make their debut. Availability and plantingtimes depend on your region. In mild-winter areas, set our bare-rootplants in January and February. In cold-winter regions, plant in March,April, or May. Hybrid teas–the classic roses for bouquets–have large blooms,usually one to each long stem.

Grandifloras are similar to hybrid teasbut produce large flowers in clusters. Floribundas are lower, morecompact bushes that develop masses of somewhat smaller flowers. Unless otherwise noted, the following roses are widely available innurseries. ‘Blue Ribbon’. Hybrid tea with fragrant lilac-blueflowers. Strong stems, excellent for cutting. Upright bush; large,semiglossy, medium green leaves. Available by mail from American BeautyRoses, Box 1758, Peoria, Ill.

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61656. Write for free catalog. ‘Corpus Christi’. Hybrid tea bears large, deep red,brilliant flowers with unusually wide petals; mild fragrance. Strong,straight stems; dark green leaves. ‘Climbing Double Delight’. Climbing form of popularhybrid tea.

Fragrant flowers have cream-white centers becoming red atmargins. Vigorous canes grow to 8 feet long, flowering best if trainedhorizontally. ‘Dream Cloud’. Floribunda with coral to dark salmon pinkflowers; barely fragrant. Tall, vigorous, nearly thornless bush; largemedium green leaves.

‘Las Vegas’. Hybrid tea with distinctive bicolor flowers: orange-yellow buds open to petals that are orange on top,yellow on bottom; slightly fragrant. Medium-tall bush; glossy greenleaves.

‘Milestone’. Vigorous hybrid tea with scarlet-rose budsopening to coral pink flowers with near-white center. Flowers darken todeep coral red in strong light.

Slight fragrance. Strong stems. Leavesare maroon at first, becoming glossy dark green. ‘Miss Liberte’. Hybrid tea with deep orange buds openingto coral red flowers; minimal fragrance. Medium-height bush; glossydark green leaves.

Well adapted to hot-summer areas. Mail order onlyfrom American Beauty Roses (address above). ‘Risque’. Grandiflora bears medium-size flowers withpetals orange-red inside, bright straw outside; slight fragrance. ‘Showbiz’.

Floribunda with brilliant red, lightlyscented flowers. Glossy dark green leaves; disease resistant. Bushgrows about 3 feet tall.

Only All-America Rose Selection for 1985. ‘Silver Spoon’. Hybrid tea with large lavender flowers;barely scented. Tall-growing, vigorous plant.


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