Elliott L

Elliott L. Petty Jr.

Prof. S. Cargill
Eng Comp. 131.19
12 Oct. 2018
Positive Effects of Cell Phones
Would you say that cell phones are a useful device or a negative side effect to society? Well, in many ways, cell phones take the hassle from basic life. The world has proven that without the use of cell phones that communication and time saving would be very difficult. Cell phones are an advantage of the modern age.

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Communication is key in this day of age. Now that cell phones have become an ordinary object, it has become a lot easier. Cell phones cover a large amount of the globe. This makes it a lot simpler to communicate globally. Whether for work or everyday social matters’ the prominate device eliminates most limitation. There is no more having to go days at a time waiting for a letter. This device also removes the matter of having to travel to socialize.

The device tends to be very handy. When needed the technology is ready for use. It has a variety of applications for use to choose from. They tend to do just about anything that is needed in several ways. All it takes is the swift action sliding your hand into and out of your pocket. They can be carried just about anywhere in the entire world. It expands its use just by having the ability to slide into a small pocket.

Finally, because of the variety of features, if necessary multiple tasks can be completed in fantastic timing. The device is ready for use at any possible time. It creates less of a struggle with urgent matters when they’re needed to be resolved. Also, keeping up with the time of day becomes less of a problem because it is displayed on the device. There is no more need in finding a basic wall clock.

Cell phones brought about an excessive amount of change. They brought about an easier, faster way of life. These technological advancements flourish on world wide communications. Also, it shows exponential result of being ready for use. Then, in many ways, saves time when needing to handle several tasks at an instantaneous time. Cell phones created an impressively positive effect on everyday life; don’t you think?


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