Emergence from the Claws Essay

Emergence from the Claws

                        In every era and every generation, there is always a form of oppression that hinders the people from truly obtaining a life that is sound and sees development for all. In the notes from Nowhere Emergence, it was illustrated how capitalism, an ideology to supposedly improve communities turned out into schemes of partition, of dividing the rich from the poor, and of taking away the properties and rights of those who cannot defend themselves. But as always, it is seen that people, no matter how they endure such repression, would still find a way to end it all.

                        For some, fighting for their rights begin and end in bloodbaths. But for others, goals can be achieved through well thought tactics, by calm protests and negotiations with the people who can help them bring a change. Capitalism may be viewed as the answer to most of humanity’s problems but the higher authorities must understand that the worlds they are conquering or fencing along the way are not for sale. At such, many people, from farmers to peasants, from intellectuals to squatters, join hands to fight this form of new age suppression. This exemplifies that all of us can set aside our differences to achieve a common goal. There are a lot more threats that people faces as time becomes crucial and especially now that the world is facing recession. The battle of the Zapatistas to free themselves and collapse the fences that puts a cost in everything, to give “nothing for ourselves alone, but everything for everyone” is the struggle that calls to us for help, for us to be participants and not just observers.

                        It is wonderful to see and read how people could help one another to establish a better future for everyone. It is even nicer to think of a world where every person stands for another, where discrimination is but a myth and where everyone has fair chance to live a good life and obtain their dreams. But this can only be realized if we all work to make it come true, because history is ours when we make it with our own hands.



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