Emerging Technologies in Business Writing Sample Essay

Description of Assignment:The intent of this assignment is to enable pupils to critically evaluate facets of emerging engineerings with relation to concern constructs ; and pass on these cardinal issues in a written study. Be certain that you provide elaborate. specific replies to the inquiries below.

You have 60 proceedingss to finish this writing assignment. It is expected that you write in academic manner. with complete sentences and paragraphs.This composing assignment will necessitate you to analyze the emerging engineerings discussed therefore far in talks in concurrence with the concern constructs presented and your geographic expeditions in labs so far. Students will fix replies to the inquiries found below.

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Please usage illustrations to exemplify your points.1 ) In your first Lab ( labs 1-2 ) you chose three engineerings to research. Choose ONE of the engineerings that you investigated in your first Lab and explicate in item how it could profit ONE of the undermentioned concern constructs below discussed in talk 3. ( Two to three paragraphs.

) [ 3 Markss ]On-line Selling: In its simplest signifier. the term online selling refers to utilizing the power of Internet advertisement to bring forth a response from your audience. Besides known as Internet selling or web selling.

online selling is used by companies selling goods and services straight to consumers every bit good as those who operate on a business-to-business theoretical account.a ) Customer ConvenienceBenefits to Consumers:( 1 ) Convenient— clients can shop 24 hours a twenty-four hours from anyplace without traveling to the shop physically. They can interact with the seller’s site to happen the information.

merchandises. or services they desire. so order or download them on the topographic point.
Benefits to Sellers:? Customer Relationship Building— companies can interact with clients to larn more about their demands and to construct client databases. ? Reduce Costs & A ; Increase Efficiency— avoid the disbursal of keeping a physical shop. costs of rent. insurance. and public-service corporations.

Digital catalogues cost less to bring forth than printing and get offing paper catalogues. ? Greater Flexibility— unlike a paper catalogue whose merchandises and monetary values are fixed until the following printing. an on-line catalogue can be adjusted daily or even hourly.

accommodating merchandise handiness. monetary values. and publicities to fit altering market conditions.

? Access to Global Markets— The Internet is a planetary medium. which allows purchasers and Sellerss to snap from one state to another in seconds.2 ) In talk 4 and your 2nd Lab ( labs 3-4 ) you discussed Web 2. 0 engineerings and how they could be used to profit an administration. Choose ONE Web 2. 0 engineering and discourse briefly how a concern might use this engineering. ( Do non utilize the same engineering as in old inquiry.

Two to three paragraphs. ) [ 3 Markss ]Taging and societal bookmarkingA ticket is a keyword that is added to a digital object ( e. g. a web site. image or picture cartridge holder ) to depict it.

but non as portion of a formal categorization system. One of the first large-scale applications of tagging was seen with the debut of Joshua Schacter’s del. icio. us website. which launched the ‘social bookmarking’ phenomenon.The construct of tagging has been widened far beyond website bookmarking.

and services like Flickr ( exposure ) . YouTube ( picture ) and Odeo ( podcasts ) allow a assortment of digital artifacts to be socially tagged. For illustration.

the BBC’s Shared Tags undertaking is an experimental service that allows members of the populace to label BBC News online points. A peculiarly of import illustration within the context of higher instruction is Richard Cameron’s CiteULike. a free service to assist faculty members to hive away.

organise and portion the academic documents they are reading. When you see a paper on the Web that involvements you. you click a button and add it to your personal library. CiteULike automatically extracts the commendation inside informations. so you don’t hold to type them in. This tool was used during the research for this study.

The thought of tagging has been expanded to include what are called tag clouds: groups of tickets ( tag sets ) from a figure of different users of a tagging service. which collates information about the frequence with which peculiar tickets are used. This frequence information is frequently displayed diagrammatically as a ‘cloud’ in which ticket with higher frequence of usage are displayed in larger text.Large administrations are get downing to research the potency of these new tools and their constructs for cognition direction across the endeavor. For illustration.

IBM is look intoing societal bookmarking through their intranet-based Dog Ear tool ( Millen et al. . 2005 ) . In instruction. JISC’s e-Learning Focus service has set up a del. icio. us account at: hypertext transfer protocol: //del.

icio. us/elearningfocus [ last accessed 07/02/07 ] .3 ) Discuss ONE Mobile application engineering discussed in talk 2 that you feel has great concern potency.

Describe why you chose this engineering. ( Do non utilize the same engineering as in old inquiries. One to two paragraphs. ) [ 2 Markss ]E Commerce application is applications were all electronically mediated information exchanges between an administration and its external stakeholders. It has got a good concern theoretical account:• B2C – Business to consumer• B2B – Business to concern• C2C – Consumer to consumer

It has got few advantages over other nomadic application which are discussed below:Wider range:Mobile apps have the advantage of supplying a bigger entreaty as consumers carry their smart phones wherever they go.

and therefore the chance for location based selling and gross revenues. Convenient Shopping:
With incorporate payment solutions. apps make for One Touch Shopping anyplace and at any clip. If support maps are besides integrated into apps. so it becomes a one-stop solution for gross revenues every bit good as services. Cost Effective:Constructing an App and keeping it is much easier and cost effectual as compared to a web site and other merchandising points where the client interacts with a trade name or a list of trade names. Competitive border:Supplying multiple channels for information and sale will supply a definite competitory border for your concern.4 ) Describe C2C eCommerce.

as discussed in talk 2. Identify and briefly depict ONE C2C application that you feel has great concern potency. and why. ( Do non utilize the same engineering as in old inquiries.

One to two paragraphs. ) [ 2 Markss ]There are many sites offering free classifieds. auctions. and forums where persons can purchase and sell thanks to online payment systems like PayPal where people can direct and have money online with easiness. eBay’s auction service is a great illustration of where person-to-person minutess take topographic point every twenty-four hours since 1995. E-bay is one of the applications which are considered in C2C as equal to peer merchandising. EBay is a planetary market place where concerns and persons can purchase and sell practically anything. There is something for everyone.

You can purchase practically anything at great monetary values. Whether you’re looking for the latest electronics. interior decorator manner. rare old-timers. your favorite plaything. furniture for your place or even a new auto.

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