Emic and Etic Sample Essay

I believe that the major difference between the addresss were that Brutus was frontward and told everything in one large piece. His address was more complex and he got a certain point across to the crowd. In my sentiment was rather nescient and rude. Brutus addressed the crowd with an inferior tone. Brutus’ address was besides in a talk signifier. On the other manus. Antony’s address was sort. low. and formal. ( Your Black Marias and heads to mutiny and ramp ) He addressed the crowd as an equal. He didn’t look down on the crowd ; he merely treated them as friends. Antony besides paused at certain times. trusting for feedback from his audience. His address was in a poetic signifier of address ; easy and fascinating. He wanted to acquire his address across ; doing certain every individual in the crowd would understand him. Antony used rearward psychological science and emotional development. Antony made it clear that if they chose Brutus. there would be serious jobs. financially and emotionally. ( For Brutus is an honest adult male ; ( 90 ) So are they all. all honest men— )

I think that Antony’s address was more persuasive because he didn’t look down on the crowd. he treated them with equity. Brutus merely wishes to show his logical thinking. Brutus does non try to carry the crowd ; alternatively. he really announces he will kill himself if they wish it. Antony used echt entreaty. and true emotions. I steadfastly believe that Antony handled the entreaty to emotion better because his emotions were echt and true. Who wants a leader that shows fake emotions all the clip? I think that Antony did a superb occupation and personally. I would hold chosen him every bit good. The entreaties Brutus used were forceful and humbling ideas. His entreaties to ground were forceful and non echt. Antony used his feelings to ground with the crowd. The crowd was able to tilt towards Anthony because of the echt statements. I felt that both used excellent concluding accomplishments in their address. but I felt Brutus won by a landslide. They both used the same rhetorical devices in their addresss. Both addresss had the same construction. Brutus used a batch of repeat. The most used signifier of entreaty used in their addresss was ethos.

Antony won the crowd because he expressed echt involvement in the people. he didn’t look down on the crowd. and he got his point across. ( Good friends. sweet friends. allow me non stir you up To such a sudden inundation of mutiny ) . He used the three entreaties to his advantage. His address was much more influential to the people whereas Brutus’ address was merely simply a hypocrite. or a bogus. I think Brutus could hold been existent with the people. and he should hold non come off so bold and frontward.

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