Emily fell against the brick wall of a school building – Creative Writing Essay

Emily fell against the brick wall of a school building. She closed her eyes and pondered about everything that had happened that day. The sun was coming dappled through the autumn coloured oak trees, which stood around the school and carried on down the avenue. A wisp of cold wind blew Emily’s soft dark brown hair across her dazzling green eyes; she brushed it away.

Her two best friends were running towards her. Emily picked up her satchel up off the gravel path and ran to meet them.”I’ll see you two, tomorrow”, said Emily as Bethany and Megan got on the bus.

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“Alright”, said Megan her blue eyes glittering in the autumn sun, her honey blonde hair that hung just below her shoulder blades in sleek angel curls blowing in the light autumn breeze.. All three of them had been friends since play school and become inseparable at primary school they always did everything together.” Shall I ring you up tonight so I can help you do your French Coursework? “Asked Bethany to Megan as they took their seats on the bus.The three of them had often gotten teased as they covered most of the colours in the spectrum, from Emily’s dark brown hair, tanned skin and green eyes, to Megan’s honey blonde hair, pale ivory skin and blue eyes right to Bethany’s dusky brown skin, tight black curls and brown eyes.

None of them minded, as the people who said it were quite true. Emily waved to them as she set off down the pavement kicking the mounds of leaves gold’s, amber’s and russets that had started together there. They had fallen off the oak trees that lined the avenue. A single leaf floated down off a tree Emily had just walked under it, it brushed her rosy red cheek.

She was glad the hot weather had finally died down as it made it easier to work on the farm.Her step-dad had already harvested at least half the crops, so not much needed doing apart from the feeding of the animals. Emily slowly ambled along the lightly shaded path, which led to her farm, her hair flapping loosely in the warm breeze, her green eyes twinkling in the afternoon sun. It wasn’t long to her house now she was off the road and onto the dusty lane. She decided to run the rest of the way, her grey satchel hitting the back of her lightly tanned legs which were fading at long last which was good as her friends had started to get annoyed that had lasted so long. As she got to the wooden gate at the bottom of the yard, her mum came out of the front door.”Hi Em”, she said softly ” I’m just popping into the town to get some bits and bobs. I shouldn’t be long.

Your dad is milking the cows. See you later””Okay. Bye Mum! ” Said Emily continuing across the yard and shutting the door behind her. She heard the landrover start up and pull away. Emily ran up the wooden stairs she knew so well to get changed in to her overalls. Emily’s room wasn’t very big but she loved it as she could see a beautiful countryside view.

Her beautiful silver four-poster bed inset with jewels on the head and footrest stood by the window looking out at the picturesque view of Dartmoor. At each corner of her four-poster bed hung mauve curtains.Her bed was draped with a delicately embroidered satin duvet and sheets. Next to her luxurious four-poster bed sat a beech bedside table decorated in small gems around the edges. In the opposite corner of her bedroom there was a violet corner sofa with fluffy pink and purple cushions spread out over it. The carpet was a lovely deep, fluffy, vibrant shade of purple where as her walls remained white.Emily’s older step- sister Vanessa had also wanted this room but got the bigger room on the first floor so there parents could keep an eye on her.

Sometimes when looked out of her room she could see the hunt, Emily despised hunting. She couldn’t understand why anyone would want to kill an innocent animal for fun and then brag about it afterwards. She had finally got changed out of her school uniform and into some old clothes and overalls. Emily shut her bedroom door behind her and ran down the stairs.

Being a fourteen-year-old girl, working on a farm and studying for her Gcse’s was hard. Her stepsister wasn’t much help either with her late nights out almost every night.This was something Emily didn’t understand her stepsister’s recent behaviour and was confused about all the times she spent at clubs and pubs with her friends.

She made a lot of noise finding the key in her bag let alone opening the door and trying to walk up the stairs into her room. Emily made her way gradually across the yard; she knew her step-dad wouldn’t need any help milking the cows as Russell was helping him. Russell was the same age as Emily they had known each other since they were born (practically). He lived in a cottage on the farmland and he also went to the same school as Emily but his mum drove him home so he could start work on Emily’s farm.Occasionally Emily would get a ride home but if the day were sunny she would walk.

Green acres farm was one of five farms in the area. None of them were in competition but Mr Harrington’s farm up on Moley Hill wasn’t very well kept. Many a time Emily and her step-dad had chased his sheep off there land, rounded his herd of cows and fixed the wooden fence which did a very bad job of keeping the animals in.The other three farms belonged to Mr and Mrs Bunchen who owned Hawkridge farm, Mr and Mrs Fowler (their three children owned Pendleton farm and Mr Chilton and his sister owned Oaklea farm. Emily decided to feed and lock up the animals for the night. They had twenty chickens, a rooster, six piglets, one hundred and two milking cows, thirty beef cows not to mention the four horses and the fifty sheep.

By the time Emily had finished feeding and locking up the animals, Russell had gone home and her dinner was about to be dished up any minute now. She slowly made her way across the farmyard her Wellington boots plodding on the concrete, which was echoing slightly. Emily kicked her boots off into the porch and made her way into the kitchen to wash her hands for her dinner. Emily’s stepsister Vanessa was already sat at the table as her usually temperamental self. Her arms folded and a stern look about her face. Emily looked from her mum to her step dad to her stepsister and then back to her parents.”What’s wrong?” asked Emily taking a seat at the table.”They’ve got something to tell you”, said Vanessa sharply as if her tongue was made of knives.

“What? What’s going on?” demanded Emily”Nothing much. Oh Emily I’m having a baby and I’m getting married isn’t this wonderful?” said Emily’s mum Caroline smiling widely.”Yes it’s brilliant. Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?””No. And I don’t want to.

I am going to wait until I have the baby to find out”, said Caroline excitedly as if she was a schoolgirl again and the boy she’d fancied for ages had just asked her out.”Yes. Isn’t it great”, said Vanessa sarcastically ” Another brat that is going to go around screaming for half it’s life, keeping s all up in the night and puking everywhere. I am ecstatic with happiness”.”Vanessa? Don’t be like that.

It’s not that bad”, said Emily ” I don’t mind. In fact I like the idea of them finally getting married and having a baby”.”Well I don’t want a stupid baby puking all over ME and keeping ME awake. Taking up MY time and MY space”, snapped Vanessa.”It’s always ME, ME, ME, I, I, I, SELF, SELF, SELF with you Vanessa”Why don’t you just shut up and mind your own business?””That’s enough girls”, shouted Phillip”Yeah well I have had enough of Fashion conscious, bimbo over there.

She’s supposed to be the mature one but it looks like she so wrapped up her little world of cuckoo land that she cant grasp the fact that you and mum love each and your going to have a baby. There’s nothing wrong with that. She just talks about what she want all the time. It’s not like she even needs to live with us. She is twenty. She has a boyfriend why doesn’t she go and live with him because I have had it up to here with her attitude.

I think I’ll miss dinner”, said Emily storming out of the kitchen and running up the stairs into her room.”Emily?!” shouted Caroline.”Vanessa, I want you to go up stairs and apologise to your sister”, said Phillip”I would but you are forgetting one small detail. She isn’t my sister!”, smirked Vanessa heartlessly.”Get out!”, shouted Phillip.”What? Are you throwing me out?” laughed Vanessa.

“Tomorrow I want you to pack your bags and move in with your boyfriend. Emily was right you full of yourself and your selfish, vulgar, obnoxious. Emily is as good as your sister. She has managed to… try and be nice to you over these two years we’ve been living together and all you have done is push her away. Well I have had enough and tonight really was the last straw.

Tomorrow your moving out”, said Phillip harshly.”Dad?!” Said Vanessa “I didn’t think..

.””No. Vanessa, you don’t think at all.

You’re moving out tomorrow. I have made up my mind. It’s about time you became a little more independent”, he snapped”But what about money?” said Vanessa as the shock of moving out had finally hit here.”You have a job. You’ll have to budget what you spend and get a better job”, he answered.”Dad I’m sorry. Please don’t kick me out, please”, said Vanessa”Are you really sorry?””Yes a thousand times over, please?””Tomorrow I want you to..

.apologise to Emily and then you will put the money you earn into your bank account and only but things you need or you can pack your bags and move out. The choice is yours””I’ll apologise and I’ll put the money I earn into my bank account if it means I can stay here. Thanks’ Dad”, she said hugging him tightly.”That’s alright but you were really out of order tonight and you really have to change and with the baby on the way I want you to try and make a effort with Emily”.

Emily made her way along the avenue, the thought of last night still fresh in her head. The morning was humid and rather beautiful with the coloured leaves falling off in the gentle wind, stroking her arms and face as they fell.”Hey Emily”.Emily turned around to a face full of leaves, some of them getting caught in her brown hair, “Very funny Dale!” she snapped pulling the golden leaves out of her hair and brushing them off her sactual.

“It was, wasn’t it?” Dale laughed.”No, not really. What do you want?” said Emily continuing down the avenue.”Nothing, I’m just walking to school like you”, he smirked


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