Emotional Intelligence

In1995, Dan Goleman wrote a book about “Emotional Intelligence” and this is whenthe idea of this intriguing concept first really took off.   EmotionalIntelligence pertains to how we carry ourselves and our relationships.

Thereare four predominant categories: self-awareness, self-management, empathy andskilled relationship.  Self-awareness isbeing perceptive to our feelings and why we are feeling a particular way.Additionally, it includes a person’s moral compass along with excellentdecision making.

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Self-management deals with handling painful situations and theemotions that come along with it. Learning efficient methods to handle asituation in an effective way is needed so they do not tear you apart, however youdo want to be able to present positive emotions in order to coordinate actionswith our passions.  Empathy is having thecapability to comprehend and share the feelings of another. Skilled relationshipis being able to put together self-awareness, self-management and empathy.  Whenemployers are hiring for new positions in their workplace they want people withimmense emotional intelligence, therefore they will flourish in their new environment. If a person has a feel of self-awarenessthey tend to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, and how their behaviorcan influence others. Also, they are usually able to handle constructivecriticism on what they can improve on.

 Someonewith a high level of emotional intelligence is able to reveal their emotions inmoderation. For example, they are not going to say just anything that is ontheir mind to a customer they will be able to manage restraint and control. Theyare self-motivated, not just by money but if they experience disappointment theyare consumed by the inner desire for success.  A person that has empathy provides them withthe ability to connect on an emotional level. When this happens it permits a person to deliver exceptional service andacknowledge other people’s concerns.

 Lastbut not least when an employee has great people skills it becomes easy to builda great rapport when coworkers therefore building a strong team.  While it may be challenging for employer’stoday to hire employee’s with high emotional intelligence it pays off in thelong run with more engaged and devoted employees. 


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