Empire Records Essay

Empires Records April 17, 2013 Com 130 http://voices. yahoo. com/empire-records-look-typical-80s-b-movie-30176. html? override_id=131114%3Fcat%3D33%3Fcat%3D40%3Fcat%3D2%3Fcat%3D52? cat=40 1.

Empire Records is the epitome of Class B movies from the 1980s even though it was released in the mid 1990’s. One movie from that 1980’s genre is comparable to Empire Records is John Hughes’ 1985 film called The Breakfast Club. “The acting in both films was pretty mediocre, but considering the ages of the stars, it is to be expected.

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Critics set themselves up for disappointment when they attempt to compare this movie and others like it to movie with big budgets. No one ever said that this movie was a multi-million dollar production, it was never marketed that way. The movie’s marketing was so low, many people did not even know it was in theaters.

Critics still compare it to movies that had unsightly budgets and big name stars. Of course it would look bad in comparison. Among these movies that it was compared to was the movie Clueless, starring Alicia Silverstone.In this movie, the bad acting and cluttered weak plot are pretty much equal to those in Empire Records, but the budget was bigger and the movie was targeted for a mainstream audience. ” (Jennifer Hammit) http://movies. amctv. com/movie-guide/ 2. Inevitably, Empire Records is very similar to John Hughes film from the 1980’s.

It is very similar to the film The Breakfast Club. The production style, the time span in one day and broad plots of these two films are similar. “The 1985 film took place in a high school and the 1995 film took place in a record store with only a few brief scenes taking place elsewhere.Style wise the two movies are similar too, the time span of both is one day, and both movies have very broad weak plots. In The Breakfast Club, they have to make it through a day of Saturday detention and in Empire Records, they all have to make it through the business day and try to save the store. The plots in both movies have major complications that clutter it, but in the end the plot makes a comeback often disguised by the products of the tangents created in the story line. ” (Eric Vanstrom)


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