Empowerment and Anti Discriminatory Theory Essay

History of social policy in the Caribbean Social policy may be defined as a system of social welfare that includes economic as well non-economic objectives and involves measures of progressive redistribution in command using different social models. Using the experiences of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, there are four periods used to highlights the factors contributing to the major development in social policy: 1. The immediate post war period and the Moyne commission (1940 to 1950)

2 .Transition to self-government (1950 – 1961) 3. The oil crisis recession and structural adjustment (1970-1980’s) The present period 1990 to present revealed that of social, economic, political and international factors contributed to policy development at each stage evolutionary process. The Caribbean social policy moved from a strong residual approach prior to the Moyne report to a more institutional approach during the transition period.

During the 1930s all Britain’s major islands and continental colonies in the Caribbean exploded in rebellion. The rebellions were filled with combination of economics distress, racism, wage cut, increase taxation and unemployment. In Jamaica, the rebellion started by a strike that turned out into a riot whereas police shot and killed a number of striker and innocent by standers at the WISCOs Frome sugar factory in Westmoreland. Poor working condition on sugar plantation had no latrines, less water supplies and proper food to eat.

The abolition of slavery also causes social policy to be implementing in the Caribbean region whereas slave where treated badly in such case they were flogged by their owners, raped and over worked without even proper living condition. They were denied their right to practice their beliefs and culture. Abolition of slavery movement also ends human trafficking, the sex slaves trafficking, abortions and children used in war. The movement aim is to end the slave trade and set the slaves free. After the abolition, slaves want their right in society ,they wanted to be treated equally right to gained land and p


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