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How to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe that you all already know why I am standing here. I have been selected by my employer to present a speech to all of you on How to Overcome Fear in Public Speaking. Ladies and Gentlemen, either you realise or not, the real fact is, most of us are having this problem. This is the most common problem to us.

It is not easy for us to stand and speak in front of many peoples. Some peoples experience something in their stomach, sweating, shaky legs and difficulties to start their speech. Even sometime, they feel like visiting the toilet.Even a highly qualified speaker also can experience nervousness before they start their speech sometimes. As I said earlier, this is the most common problem we have to face. Ladies and Gentlemen, to overcome fear in public speaking, first of all, we must define and we must know what are the reasons that caused this fear.

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There are many reasons might caused this fear. It might caused by yourself, either physically or mentally. Physically means all our physical body, for example maybe if we are not healthy enough on that day, we could facing a difficulties to deliver our speech smoothly.

It also could caused unpredictable things happen. Mentally is referring to our mind and our emotion. In the situation which we required to deliver a speech, just before our turn comes, our mind could work extremely active to think other than the speech. Because of that, we could lost focus in our speech. As a result, we have failed to deliver a good speech to the listeners. Ladies and Gentlemen, I did some research on the reasons that caused fear in public speaking. Let me share with you some of the reasons.

The reasons are : – Fear of failure. We can’t run away from this fear, just face it.Before delivering a speech, people always think about the result of the speech. People will think, whether the speech went smoothly or not, whether the listeners understand or not, whether the message delivered successfully or not or whether we speak correctly or not. All these things could stop us from moving forward to speak in the public. Negative thoughts.

What if I obviously look nervous? What if I speak wrongly? What if forget my speech? What if suddenly I forget what I suppose to say?. These are some example of negative thoughts. All of these can stop us to speak. Comparing ourselves with good speakers.

Definitely we will fail if we compare ourselves with a good speakers. Comparing will take us down by thinking that we are not as good as them. Looking foolish. Most people get fear when required to give speech in forn of many people. The reason is they afraid that they will look foolish or stupid if standing in front of many people. They afraid of losing focus or going blank while delivering a speech. Ladies and Gentlemen, from my experience, lack of vocabulary also can caused us fear in public speaking. Just imagine, in the middle of speech, suddenly when we want to pronounce something, but we don’t know what is the correct word to use.

This problem could make us uncomfortable when we required to speak in public. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finished talking about the reasons that caused fear in public speaking. Now we move on to next part of this speech, which is how to overcome fear in public speaking. Ladies and Gentlemen, how to overcome fear in public speaking? The first step and the most important thing that we need to do to overcome fear in public speaking is, Be well prepared. This is one of the best way to overcome fear in public speaking.

Be well prepared means that, before delivering a speech, we must know what topic we are going to speak.Do a research on the topic and prepare all the things that we need for our speech. We also must know who will be our listeners. By knowing our listeners, we will know how to deliver the speech successfully and helps to reduce our nervous. All the material such as note and outline of an important fact are well prepared.

Beside that, we also need to know our speech location, be familiarise with the location. When we are well prepared, the chances of failure will automatically reduce. We feel more relax because we have all things prepared. Ladies and Gentlemen, another step to overcome the fear is to Practice more often.

We must practice our speech many times before we can deliver it. The more we practice, the more confidence we will gain. We can practice our speech in many ways. We can practice alone and speak it loud. It is good for us to memorise our materials. We also can try to practice using a mirror. Speak by looking at a mirror. It helps us to see how do we look when speaking and gain more confidence.

Another way to practice is by using a tape recorder. We speak and record our speech, we can play back our speech to hear how we sound when speaking as well as our phrasing, whether our phrasing is correct or not.Practice with our friends also good for us to build confidence. Make our friends as an audience and speak in front of them, this situation is more like the real occation. At the same time, our friends can help to correct us if there are something wrong with our speech. Ladies and Gentlemen, beside all our speech materials such as note and outline, it is good for us   to have   a backup for our speech, just in case if we forget what we want to speak. Just outlined our speech in a small piece of paper, write only the important fact then we can elaborate from the outline.Ladies and Gentlemen, another way to overcome fear in public speaking is to reduce fear of our audience.

Why we are fear of our audience? It is simple, actually, the more important the audience or the occation, the greater your fear can be. The feel is different between speaking in front of an important audience and not important audience. How to reduce our fear of our audience? One method we can try to overcome this fear is to imagine all our audience are not that important. Of course it is hard to imagine, but it helps to reduce our fear.

Ladies and Gentlemen, relax before speaking is also one of the method to overcome our fear in public speaking. For example, before our turn to speak comes or when we are introduced to speak, take 2 or 3 deep breath to settle down before we stand up from our chair. When we reach on the speech stage, thank the person who introduced us and relax for 10 to 20 second before we can start our speech. It helps the audience to get ready to hear our speech. But it is not easy to do, because most of the time, when we start seeing all the audience, for sure we will get panic, but if we are well prepared, we can get rid of it slowly.Ladies and Gentlemen, another step to overcome fear in public speaking is not to compare ourselves to another person, especially a good speaker.

It is not fair to compare ourselves with other person with higher level than us. We don’t know how much efforts they have spent to be what they are now. Comparing with other people also can make us down. Ladies and Gentlemen, to overcome the fear in public speaking, we also must be patient in learning. Be patient to learn more new skills and to gain more confidence in public speaking. If the learning progress looks too slow, don’t easily gave up, keep on learning.

Ladies and Gentlemen, many people are fear in public speaking. With all the step to overcome the fear which I just shared to all of you just now, I hope all of you will succeed to overcome this fear. It is not easy to do, the process might take a longer time, be patient. Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen and I wish all of you, good luck ! References (a).

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