English a Medium of Instruction Sample Essay

As everyone know that English is international linguistic communication and of import medium of communicating. But there is still a Controversial subject that should English be the medium of direction in secondary school? Population are turning quickly in this universe.

Imagine that if we doesn’t have English. how would we be pass oning with others from foreign state? We could non utilize our national linguistic communication to speak with foreign people since they may non be understand at all. We could non ever speak their national linguistic communication excessively whenever we contact with them as we do non hold this sort of ability to larn all the linguistic communications that exist in this universe.

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That’s why. we had English. Although English is the most of import and international linguistic communication for us.

but we should non merely concentrate on English and there are a batch of state that don’t use English for their national linguistic communication. On the other manus. it means that English may non be that of import for some state which have the different national linguistic communication. For illustration. China use Chinese. Koren use Korean.

Japan use Nipponese. There are more linguistic communication to take other than English. Another ground that we some people don’t like English is because they are non use to it. May be their parents will believe that they are merely laziness but really non.Some people may hold the acquisition job In English. Although our state. Malaysia is really focussed on English but there is still a batch of Malaysian non needfully be able to talk English good as most of the Malaysian don’t even use English to pass on with each other in secondary school unless on the English category.

So they will prefer to talk with same linguistic communication friends than different linguistic communication friends. Over the clip. they rejected to talk English.

By the manner. they will ever interpret from other linguistic communications to English. In this state of affairs they will do a batch of grammar errors and do them can’t better English right and quickly. What is the chief ground for analyzing English? To progress in the professional universe. we should hold a good English and address. Harmonizing to the magazine which I read before.

it shows 2 illustrations to explicate why shall we analyze English. First illustration it gave President George W. Bush. He is an concern adult male and even though he is highly smart and of import individual. but people are still don’t like him because he does non has good public speech production ability and unable to talk English good.Another illustration is President Bill Clinton. Although he is non every bit smart as gave President George W. but he can talk English really good.

This ability is adequate to do people more favour him. These grounds is sufficient to turn out talking English is the 1 of pass oning abilities. So. should English be the medium of direction in secondary school? Yes. at least we think so.

As engineering become more developed. electronic merchandises used in our day-to-day life addition more and more excessively. But do we of all time though before that what linguistic communication do the electronic merchandises use? It is largely English.It is decidedly other linguistic communication much less than English since most of the Gross saless of electronic merchandises in international market are made by Western states and western states are largely speak English. For illustration.

Computer. nomadic phone. These types of merchandises can straight show what my mean. Harmonizing to the professional study. English proficiency of some secondary school pupils are really weak and the English linguistic communication is in diminution around the universe. To turn to this state of affairs.

secondary school should be more actively encouraging pupils to talk in English and may learn in English.


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