English Coursework – The pieces of silver Essay

The pieces of silver is about a young boy called clement who has to give money to the retiring headmaster. He comes from a poor family and faces humiliation, as he cannot contribute. On the other hand, the young couple has a different story line. It is about a woman called Cathy who is the protagonist in the story; she is married to an Indian man called Narian who comes from a rich family background. However, it is all too much for Cathy, everything is rich and perfect, and Narians family puts pressure on her.

In the pieces of silver story, the house clement and his family of four live in are the worse conditions to live in. on line 4, ‘a poor, wretched coop of a room,’ it describes his house to be a place where chickens are kept, also a place for animals. Also in that paragraph its states, that the walls of the shack are covered with old newspapers and magazines, discoloured with age and stained, torn, rotting, worm-eaton boards, threadbare cotton screen, drab poverty, all of these statements are described to be Clements house and it is very clear to show he lives in poverty. This shows they are not a wealth family and live in poverty.Also in the last paragraph, it describes Clements mother, Mrs. Dovecot, a long thread of a woman whose bones want had picked like an eagle.

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Again this is sign of poverty.In the other extract, the young couple, and the life Cathy has is different compared to Clements life. Whatever Cathy thinks or desires she can have it. The house she lives in is described to have certain heaviness and it made her feel oppressed, sleepy, and liverish. Everything is big and expensive but Cathy does not like this.

Also the food ad in the solid ornate pieces of furniture, in the silver, the waist-high vases, the brocade curtains, which are heavy and very expensive.The items and objects in the house are rich, expensive and heavy, usually this would be a good and enjoyable thing, but it annoys Cathy, she does not want it all and wants to have a normal life.The people described in the extract are Cathy’s father and mother in-law. It describes the mother, ‘handsome, with proud bosom draped in shimmering silk and adorned with great deal of golden jewellery’; the mother in-law obviously likes to show off and thinks big of her self.

Narian’s father is described also large, comfortable, and good humoured, very fond of his food and proud of his house. The father has it all, but also the best of everything. The father is fond of his food, and probably has the best and tastiest as well as rich food to eat.Also at the end of the extract, it says that the father is proud of all his possessions; this is obviously talking about Narian and Cathy, the parents feel they own Cathy and Narian; in addition Cathy is treated like an object.


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