English Debate Sample Essay

My beloved first opposition of the resistance squad maintain on stressing over and over once more on how much we as a so called “new generation” benefit more from present avocations than past clip avocations.

But to our discouragement ladies and gentlemen. she evidently is non being clear to herself sing our gesture today which I will now read it out loud as “Present Avocations are non every bit interesting as Past Hobbies” . We are non discoursing on what are the positive traits of present avocations to our convenience but alternatively we are speaking about why. the grounds.

why do present avocations are being regard non every bit interesting as past avocations? What is it about past avocations that have caught our senses into thought that ; “Well. this is interesting. But hey. expression. This is manner more interesting! ”Sing to her rebuttals towards the first talker of the authorities squad statements ; the first opposition emphasis that past avocations are non originative plenty compared to show avocations.

Now. let me to inquire. to what extent do the resistance squad refers creativeness as? Because every bit much as I can retrieve the game “upih kelapa” were merely innovated utilizing the coconut leaves and “baling selipar” were discovered by utilizing a brace of slippers.

Isn’t that considered originative plenty when we discover something new? Creativity is such subjective affair for us to discourse about that it may be us another argument with the authorities and resistance restlessly argue on whose base are better than other. So. allow us make a favor and leave the creativeness out of the treatment.Second. the opposition exclaimed that we. the authorities squad are being bias by merely discoursing past clip avocations that involve traditional games. My beloved ladies and gentlemen. we are Malayan.

Therefore. with the ground to take illustrations that are near to our bosom and current state of affairs the authorities choose traditional games because those are our past clip avocations. Again am I to emphasize that no affair what examples that the authorities applied. our statements are general and can be applied to all types of past clip avocations.So. a really pleasant forenoon a command to foremost and foremost Mr Chairperson Sir.

honorable adjudicators. punctual clip keeper. well-thought-of oppositions of the resistance squad. fellow co-workers and last but non least ladies and gentlemen. members of the hall. On this blissful forenoon.

I. Amirul Hakim bin Fatim Nadir. as the 2nd talker of the authorities squad would wish to stress on one more concrete statement that makes us strongly propose that “Present Avocations are non every bit interesting as Past Hobbies” . Now. allow us all take a deep breathe. sit back and loosen up as we listen and understand the component that I am traveling to show.

Our 3rd statement of the twenty-four hours lies under the word ‘rare’ .My beloved ladies and gentlemen. please. make state me when is the last clip do you hear the term “konda-kondi” ? Is it yesterday? Is it last hebdomad? Is it last twelvemonth? Or allow me paraphrase. Have you of all time heard anything related to the phrase “konda-kondi” ? Precisely. I am seeking to do you clear on a state of affairs that happens in world and non based on premises ; past avocations are rare among us who the resistance refers as the new coevals.

And based on that justification. we. on the authorities side whole-heartedly believe that present avocations are non every bit interesting as past avocations under the fortunes that present avocations are common presents. We can’t deny the fact that present avocations are now usual and ordinary activities that we do in the present because after all. that is the ground why we call them present avocations.It is hard plenty to happen the equipment of past clip avocations nowadays what non to come across people who play past avocations such as “konda-kondi” that when we really found one.

it flits across our head that “Hey. what are they playing? It looks sort of merriment. Let me watch them playing. ” Can you see the sarcasm? Past avocations may be referred as past avocations. but for us “the new generation” ; it is something beyond our skyline that we have non had the opportunity to research. To that.

we return to our basic nature as human being who loves to seek and detect new things and from that basic nature once more I stress that present avocations are non every bit interesting as past avocations in the term that present avocations are merely mere pattern to us presents.In a nutshell. we are genuinely confident that present avocations are non every bit interesting as past avocations with the justification that relies under our three statements presented which are “nature” . “simple” and “rare” .

It looks like our well-thought-of oppositions are being left without any pick but to hold with us. who to the full propose the gesture today which is “Present Avocations are non every bit interesting as Past Hobbies” . With that. I end my address and as I quote from John Bon Jovi. “Have a Nice Day” .


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