English Literature Essay

Literature ( from Latin litterae ( plural ) ; missive ) is the art of written work.

and is non confined to published beginnings ( although. under some fortunes. unpublished beginnings can besides be exempt ) . The word literature literally means “things made from letters” and the pars pro toto term “letters” is sometimes used to mean “literature.

” as in the figures of address “arts and letters” and “man of letters. ” The four major categorizations of literature are poesy. prose. fiction. and non-fiction. What in Filipino Literature?Filipino literature is the literature associated with the Philippines and includes the fables of prehistoric culture.

and the colonial bequest of the Philippines. Most of the noteworthy literature of the Philippines was written during the Spanish period and the first half of the twentieth century in Spanish linguistic communication. Filipino literature is written in Spanish.

English. Tagalog. and/or other native Philippine linguistic communications. As a Filipino. What is the importance of Literature?Literature serves as an tremendous information base. Research works by celebrated discoverers and literary plants by noteworthy scientists frequently narrate narratives of their groundbreaking finds and illations. Ongoing developments in the Fieldss of scientific discipline and engineering are documented so that the universe can cognize about them. Several ancient Bibles associating narratives of human development and narrations of human life in those times.

have been of enormous aid to mankind. Thus. literature has ever served as an reliable beginning of information from all around the universe. What environmental instruction ends and characteristics?Philippines is non an freedom in allowing us experience the rough worlds of these environmental menaces and challenges. With all the of all time increasing demands created by the environmental jobs accompanied by societal. political and technological alterations go oning.

the instruction sector is faced with challenges and is expected to originate alterations in the course of study and give more attending to environmental instruction. The course of study should be geared towards the proviso of cognition. accomplishments and values that will assist the scholars cope and adapt to these alterations.The end of environmental instruction is to develop an environmentally literate and responsible people who will guarantee the protection and the betterment of the environment. and convey approximately sustainability. societal equity and economic efficiency in the usage of the country’s natural resources.

Because of the bing environmental jobs we are into and the push for sustainability. the protection and betterment of the environment have become imperative educational ends.It is besides envisioned that within the following decennary. a great bulk of Filipinos will be imbued with a sense of duty to care for. protect for.

and heighten environmental quality that is contributing to their well-being and supportive of the nation’s economic development.


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