English speech – Dont get me started on todays obsession with appearance Essay

Barbie. Her bust size is 39″. Her waist is 18″.

She’s pure plastic. She’s severely underweight. She’s blonde.

Is this the reality of a young girl’s role model today? Isn’t it true that we girls want to be beautiful? Who poisoned our minds with the rubbish that we have to be like Barbie? The media.The media advertises in magazines that models are perfect. Are they really? Did you know that most magazines edit photos of their models to make them appear perfect? The media are playing a sly, twisted and filthy trick on us.

Evidently, they are responsible for our doubts and we doubt that we are perfect. Year after year, thousands of Barbie dolls are sold all over the world. Girls aged three and over, are the victims. We were once those victims and we let Barbie and her group of media snakes overtake our innocent, pure and young minds. Who wants to look like Barbie now?To look like Barbie, it costs over $12.3 billion each year. The media advertise cosmetic products and cosmetic procedures so that they can have a share of this money.

In 2009, 91% of all cosmetic procedures were being done on women leaving only a staggering 9% being done on men. Come on girls, what have we proven to the world? We’ve proven that we want to be a replica of Barbie and I don’t think Barbie would be too happy about it. Some of you may argue that it’s your own bodies and you’re free to do with it what you will, but, why destroy your body which nature has perfected? Why would you be fake, unnatural and scarred for life, when you can be pure, natural and glistening with independence? We can change this horrible reality, by saying goodbye to the ‘ideal’ women.The size of the ‘ideal’ women has become progressively thinner over the years – as portrayed by models.

It has stabilized at about 20% below the average weight. The media wants us to think that there is this ‘ideal’ women that ‘everyone’ has to look like. In doing this, they are winning and we are losing. They are selling us billions of products each year and selling magazines with tonnes of beauty information. In 1995, a study found that three minutes spent looking at models in fashion magazines caused 70% of women to feel depressed, guilty and ashamed. Did you know that 40-50% of women are trying to lose weight at any point in time? Did you know that one out of every four college aged women have an eating disorder?Anorexia is a deadly eating disorder that most women are dealing with today.

It is most common amongst women with very low self esteem issues. The media has played a significant role in making these women the way they are, showing them that there are women who are more beautiful than them. In the sinfully ‘perfect’ world of television and cinema, many actresses suffer from this eating disorder.

Jessica Alba is an actress who has suffered from the dangerous grips of anorexia. She quoted in an interview “I began cooking for myself at the age of 12, to avoid being like the rest of my family who are heavily overweight”. No wonder Barbie lost Ken, she probably wasn’t feeding him enough. She wouldn’t have had that issue, if she was one of us.I just want you girls to know, you don’t have to be anyone but yourself, forget being like Barbie – be independent, unique and don’t be afraid to feed yourselves once in a while. We can stop the obsession of looking perfect by creating our own youth clubs, buying fewer fashion magazines and listening to no one but ourselves.

Just remember life isn’t at all about outer appearance, it’s your inner appearance that shines through in the end.


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