Advertising is one of the ways that connects enterprises to consumers. Although enterprises have their own brand image they all have acommon goal and that is to employ the right person for their products or services to make an impact on the consumers. Besides brand image and spokesperson, another component that can affect the consumers’ opinion is advertising frequency. In their study on The Effect ofAdvertisement Frequency on the Advertisement…

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political science

IntroductionPolitical theory is concerned primarily with theestablishments of political community and teach. It centers on human nature andthe ethical purposes of political affiliation. To clarify these concepts,political scholars draw on persevering political works from antiquated Greeceto the show and on…

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Freedom of speech andexpression in the context of public interest is the Press – the print media andthe broadcast media. It has taken the responsibility to inform the public aboutthe functioning of the elected government. This includes all other matters…

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1. The first name given to Brazil by the colonialists was “Terra do Santa Cruz” – “land of the Holy Cross.” 2. In terms of population, Brazil takes the 5th place. 3. Brazil prepares the most delicious coffee drinks. 4.…

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