Entertainment Values Essay

Los Angles and surrounding areas, Lass Vegas and parts of Arizona. We are a one-stop entertainment source for interactive entertainment. Interactive entertainment is sweeping the industry by keeping your audience or guests involved and coming back for more. When we incorporate our Open Mice entertainment with our Karaoke, it allows anyone to choose a song from our library and play their instrument using the song as back up.

With the lyrics in front of them, they sound like a star! This is perfect for those who always wanted to perform a particular song, but not unsure if they were able. Just to make it MORE exciting , they can do it on stage where they ARE the entertainment. As the cherry on top, how about taking home their own CD of their performance – we can do that too!! This type of personal and custom entertainment keeps them coming back. Is on the cutting edge of what today’s budding musicians are looking for.

At every show, we have the ability to record any singer, any song or songs, and actually burn a CD in AMP format for that customer by the end of the evening and hand it to them to take home. Just imagine the band hopefuls needing a demo to audition. They come to us for the easiest and least expensive way to get live audience experience and a demo at the same time. Recordings are Just one of the many things offers that sets us apart from the rest. Offers a variety of interactive entertainment including

Karaoke, Open Mice nights, Karaoke & Open Mice Combo nights, Wedding Singers, D. J. ‘s, Artist Impersonators, as well as Master of Ceremonies. We have close to 100,000 songs in our Karaoke library and are constantly adding more to ensure everyone will find a familiar tune. We provide entertainment for any need; Corporate or Private Events, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Birthdays, Night Clubs, Seasonal or Special Events. We offer custom entertainment packages where you design the type or specific music, announcements, or whatever you may need.

It’s your event, let’s make it work for you!! Along with the variety of entertainment we offer, offers a wide variety of interactive fun. We have an assortment of games, contests and prizes for our patrons. To name a few: “Karaoke Bingo’, “The Secret Song Contest”, “Music Trivia”, and more. We host Artist Impersonator nights with prizes given to the person or couple that looks most like the artist they are dressed like. These kinds of games are not only entertaining, but also gives all your guests or patrons a chance to participate.

In addition, it allows a wide number of “winners” and very few “losers”. Let’s face it; no one likes to lose. Especially when they are out for an evening of fun. The prizes and giveaways may not be IRS note-worthy, but they are enough to create a fun and exciting atmosphere that keeps them talking, drinking, dancing, and best of all, coming back for more!! Owned and operated by a group of individuals that have been in the business for more than 15 years each. During that time we have seen any contests based on vocal ability, stage presence, talent, etc.

What we have observed and learned is; not only do contests of this type conflict with the original idea of Karaoke, but these contests tend to attract serious singers who are very good indeed, however they usually do not drink, they intimidate your regulars, and at the end of the contest, the club has one winner, and everyone else loses. That does not create a good feeling among the patrons. We are in the business of making money, right? Believes that contests and games can be fun ended, but only on a level playing field.

Providing games that any and all can play, more patrons go home with a good feeling, having won a small prize or perhaps a free drink and therefore more likely to return. Karaoke was intended for people to blow off steam and have fun, not to be a stepping stone for American Idol. Let’s face it, you want to build business, not tear it down and so do we. For this reason, does not hold contests based on vocal ability or vocal talent at any show, venue, program or booking.


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