Entrepreneur Report Essay

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are life-long friends and the cofounders of Ben & A ; Jerry’s Homemade. Incorporated- a American ice pick company which manufactures ice pick. frozen yoghurt.

water ice. and ice pick freshness merchandises. They originally decided to travel into the nutrient concern devising beigels but found that the machines would be excessively expensive and settled on ice pick alternatively by taking a $ 5 class at Pennsylvania State University ; an thought that finally resulted in a multi-million dollar concern. In 2000. Ben and Jerry sold the company to Unilever. but still remain influential in its direction. By working closely with many organisations like Businesss for Social Responsibility and the Ben & A ; Jerry Foundation.

they continue their end to ‘make it a businesses’ duty to give back to the community and convey values to the corporate world’ .Ben and Jerry’s concern became celebrated because it is non merely profitable. but besides lead by values. There are 5 top grounds for their success:1. It is both profitable and socially responsible:Their milk used in produced it from Vermont cattles and so is massively back uping local concerns.

Ben and Jerry’s besides chose to spouse with other ‘values-led’ companies. such as a Brownie bakeshop in NY who employ the homeless and retrieving nuts.
2. Following their passion:Neither of the work forces had any experience in doing ice pick.

Alternatively they took a $ 5 class at the Pennsylvania State Uni that resulted in their company ran independently by them in the first old ages and so being precisely how they wanted to run it.
3. Contending monolithic corporations:In 1984.

Haagen-Dazs tried to restrict the gross revenues of Ben and Jerry’s ice pick by coercing their distributers to halt merchandising Ben and Jerry’s ( if they didn’t. they would lose the rights to administer Haagen-Dazs ) . Ben and Jerry knew that they could non afford a legal conflict against the monolithic corporation so alternatively launched a run named ‘What’s The Doughboy Afraid Of? ’ The public sentiment took their side and the whole run ended up profiting them by giving them countrywide name acknowledgment and penchant over Haagen-Dazs.
4. Making things their ain manner:When Ben and Jerry needed money they did non desire to affect a venture capital house so alternatively occupants of Vermont were allowed to be portion proprietors of the company. which meant that the community gained net income as the concern profited.

5. Unique thoughts to capture marketWhen Ben and Jerry’s foremost started selling ice pick out of their shopfront in Burlington. VT. they shortly realized that.

one time summer was over. they would hold to come up with a new scheme to maintain delivery in clients. This resulted in the production of their ice pick in runty containers in which to sell to eating houses and shops in the local country. An thought that captured the ice pick nutrient market and became radical.


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